Sex Pop Suicide

Sex Pop Suicide


Old school dirty, sleazy, down home party band rock and roll!


Sex Pop Suicide is a Las Vegas band that decided to put together the ULTIMATE party band. 13rad and Garett have been friends for 15 years, and have been doing SPS off & on for the past 8 years. But since joining forces with the powerful drums & bass of Phil and Erich, 2007' was the best year ever! We finally got it all together and are building a loyal fan base, a stellar live show reputation, and great friendships that just seem to be getting stronger, on and off the stage. "This is pure/true rock & roll, and how it should be..." We have become what some might call 'the filthy few', in a music scene full of 'half-breeds'. We will be out there hangin' and supporting the scene 'till the last band and last person stumbles out the door. So come party with us and and have some good times you will not soon forget.


SPS, Sick Of It, and Breathe. Can be found on

Set List

Breathe, Rock n Roll, Electric, Please Go Away, **Rip N Tear, My Power, Burning The Candle, Sick Of It, No One Ever Died, Dirty, S.P.S., Line Em Up, ** Blitzkrieg Bop. Covers are marked with ** .