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Sex Robots

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2003

St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Established on Jan, 2003
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Best Pop Band '08"

Sex Robots
As a pop band that hits on punk and classic ‘70s rock & roll, the music of the Sex Robots is best experienced when its shambolic two-and-a-half-minute burners are witnessed live; its concerts are effortless in the way that only experienced musicians can present. Mostly, the members of the Sex Robots just make it all look so damn easy. Its pop elements are enhanced with bass grooves, thumping drums and virtuoso guitar shredding, and its lyrics contain depth and small stories. But like any good pop band, the presentation takes over any deep message. -- Jaime Lees - Riverfront Times

"Sex Robots Best Pop Band & Best Local Release (on a label) '07"

The Sex Robots consistently produce delightful little nuggets of delicious power-pop — most of which are bright and encourage sunny little dreams of rainbows, flowers and lollipops.

— Jaime Lees
- Riverfront Times: June 13, 2007

" CD and 1st 7" review"

The Mega Hurts / Sex Robots - "split" 7" (Roadhouse Tunes)

Here's a fun single with two songs each from these two St. Louis punk groups. The Mega Hurts are up first, and feature Karen on Bunnygrunt on guitar, and the band's sound isn't too far from the punky direction that group has been veering toward. They kinda remind me of the Runaways or the Donnas before they turned eighteen. Their two songs combined are only 2½ minutes in total, so you know it's fun. I was rather wary of the other band, what with the terrible name (c'mon - Sex Robots?!?) and their blatant misspellings, but was quite surprised when I put their side on. In fact, I think they blow the Mega Hurts away in this face-off (in terms of songwriting). Imagine the combined pop sensibilities of Kiddo and J Church, and that's pretty close. These are two bands to watch out for! MTQ=4/4

Sex Robots - "s/t" cd (Roadhouse Tunes)

I said it before, and I'll say it again: I just can't think of too many worse band names than this one - at least not for a band that's worth listening to. No band called "Sex Robots" should be this good! But they actually are quite good, and lots of fun, so you should just buy this and place it next to your Spraydog and Vomit Launch records (other fine bands with unfortunate names). Their sound is somewhat similar to the Exploding Hearts - authentic-sounding late-70s/early-80s era power pop with punk roots. I hesitate to call this band punk, as there are far too many catchy melodies in the songs for them to be lumped into a genre known more for its attitude than songwriting. Listen to songs like "Just Another Drug" or "U Don't Call", and you may think you were discovering a long-lost classic nestled between the Plimsouls and the Only Ones on some obscure compilation lp from 1980. Even their sloppier punky tunes like "Everyone I Know Is Dead" and "Can't Stop (Goin' Crazy)" have far too much melody to ignore them. Anybody who liked that Exploding Hearts record will also be quite fond of this one... MTQ=10/10 -

"Razorcake Reviews"

Self-titled: CD

It’s like if the spirit of Killed By Death was fused to pop punk. The Sex Robots sound like an obscure, smoking, gawky, retarded Midwestern band on a limited budget. It’s like the Gizmos or Unnatural Axe or Zero Boys rammed up against early Descendents. Actually, I’m astonished not more bands have done this: take that early, anonymous, anxiety-riddled punk from shit-tiny towns of the early ‘80s and channeled its spirit into no-pretense, choking-on-stucco, chain-stores-are-killing America punk in 2006. Recommended.

–Todd Taylor (Roadhouse Tunes)

Split: 7”

The Sex Robots boil down and sieve the gelatinous spirit of Elvis Costello into a contemporary musical Jell-o mold that’s just as good as Sweden’s The Flakes and Psychotic Youth. They’ve nailed the swinging, crisp, forlorn quality of “everything may be fucked, but we’re still dancing” vibe that most bands attempt, and fail, when approaching power pop. Cool stuff. The Mega Hurts: Come close to nailing it. They’re a sloppy, charming, three women, one dude band, but they’re not as catchy as the Pinkz or Bitch School, not as vocally powerful as The Beautys, but they’ve definitely got a stripped-down, acid sweetness Headcoatees potential that, admittedly, got better and better with each spin. Not bad at all.

–Todd Taylor (Roadhouse Tunes)

2004 Sampler: CD-R

So, what would you say the odds would be that, two days in a row, i receive two completely different CD-R’s in the mail, and both CD-R’s contain the song “Put Anotha Rekkid On” by the Sex Robots? I guess if you’re not a total douchebag, the odds are actually pretty good! In any event, it’s been a while since i listened to any Sludgeworth or Naked Raygun, but those seem to be the associations these three songs are provoking (if i really wanted to be analytical, i might play this back to back with a Jawbreaker record, but, since Jawbreaker, unlike the Sex Robots, suck, i have no experimentational materials of a Jawbreakerly nature in my Rock Lab) (nor do i intend to obtain any). Pop-punk which is neither particularly happy nor angry, nor, for that matter, particularly poppy, and appears to be the better for the absence of all three. Fuckin’ STAUNCH. Not that this is the first time i’ve ever said this, but I NEEDMORE SEX ROBOTS! BEST SONG: “Put Anotha Rekkid On” BEST SONG TITLE: “Put Anotha Rekkid On” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)” is a really stupid song.

–Rev. Norb (Roadhouse Tunes)

- Razorcake Zine


"Nightmoves" 2010 Roadhouse Tunes!

"Sex Robots/Bunnygrunt - Split 7" 2008 The Bert Dax Cavalcade of Stars

"Sex Robots" 2006 Roadhouse Tunes!

"Mega Hurts/Sex Robots - Split 7" 2005 Roadhouse Tunes!



Sex Robots have been playing energetic, sweat-drenched sets of rock and roll for many years, have toured the Midwest, East and West Coasts annually, and have released two split 7" vinyl records and a full length LP to much critical acclaim. The band is releasing the new studio album "Nightmoves" this summer, recorded by hometown badass Jason McEntire at Sawhorse Recording in St. Louis, MO and mixed by Tim Hatfield (P.I.L., Butthole Surfers, Keith Richards) at Cowboy Technical Services in New York. The band is best experienced live as they have spent years honing their craft and handle reckless abandon with a carefree grace too stupid to call stupid.

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