Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

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Sex Therapy is inspired by the great rockers of 60's, 70's and 80's, The Pretender's, Led Zepp, Rolling Stones, CCR… musicians who have loved, lost, experienced tragedy and have some god damn soul :) People who get on the stage and forget anyone’s watching, they lose themselves in the music because it’s what they love. Rock n Roll is a feeling not something you learn. You either have it or you don't. Sex Therapy is rock n’ roll with a sexy edge.


Hailing from Chicago, Sex Therapy is a unique, all original American Rock band that delivers. The Juggernaut behind Sex Therapy is main songwriter, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Cassy Baxter whose prose about love conquered, lost or otherwise, blends effortlessly with the bands tight rhythms. The Sex Therapy pulse is Jack McClain whose precision percussion rotations and bombastic movements drive Sex Therapy! To help guide the pulse is Stevens Stokes whose bass playing on “Letters to Frank” (album) and guitar leads demonstrate his years of honing 80’s rock guitar and give Sex Therapy a sound that is unique, but yet time-proven. Co-producer and musician Jamie Wagner adds keyboards and covers the bass duties on tour for Sex Therapy.


Letters to Frank, Released in June 2013. Full Length LP.