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"Ready for Anything"

Bonnie Hazen
Contributing Writer
STRUTHERS – The word “sexton” has several different meanings. It’s a term for a church official, it’s a street in Struthers, and Sexton is also the name of a local band. And, not only do the band members live on the street they were named from – they’re all related.
Comprised of twins, an older brother and a cousin who feels more like a brother, Sexton has their eyes set on stardom with the Early Show’s Singing Family Face Off contest on CBS.
The group entered the contest Jan. 5 and has a chance to win a two-song record deal and perform live on the CBS Early Morning Show. Six family bands will be chosen to go to New York for a final faceoff during February and March before the winning band is chosen.
John, 22, Josh and Justin Cutlip and Corey Clements, 16, are Sexton, and they’re all looking forward to their live performance Thursday, Jan. 22, on WKBN-TV Channel 27 before “The Early Show.” The performance also will be shown on the afternoon and evening news.
“It’s been a media frenzy right now,” John, the band’s oldest member and lead vocalist, said. “We can taste national stardom.”
John said their music has been inspired by bands such as Muse, Weezer, Nine Inch Nails and Wolfmother. Their sound, which includes a multitude of different styles mashed all together, has an electric tone, according to John – “electro-rock,” as he called it.
With over 5,000 views and over 100 positive comments on the CBS Web site, Sexton is “Ready for Anything,” which also happens to be the title of the song they submitted to the contest.
John wrote the lyrics and music for the song and has composed five other songs for the band. He’s been writing music for about a year and also mixes, produces and records the individual instruments.
John’s father – and the band’s manager – Tom Cutlip, heard about the contest through a friend. “We thought it was perfect for them, so we entered them,” he said.
“They nominated me for manager, because I’m their dad and they didn’t want to be ripped off. Plus, I have a big mouth,” Tom laughed.
He said he and his wife, Lisa, have been supporting the group since its unexpected beginning last March when the basement of their home suddenly became a music studio. “They were playing Rock Band,” he said, when “they decided to go into the basement and do it for real,” Tom recalled.
John confirmed that even though Justin and Corey have been playing their instruments for over four years, the video game was what spawned their desire to form a band. “It just got too easy for us,” John said, “ kind of got our fingers all crazy.” A month later they finished their first song.
Although Sexton is hoping to win the record deal contest prize, -they simply want people to enjoy their music.
“They’re just having fun and they enjoy playing. They’re happy when people listen to them,” Tom said.
“We’ll perform in airports, we’ll perform in bathrooms,” John joked, and Corey said he’s happiest when looking into a cheering crowd.
If they don’t end up professional artists, however, the boys do have other plans.
John, a journalism student at Youngstown State University, enjoys writing and graphic design, and is assistant editor at the Hometown Journal.
Josh aspires to be an attorney and said even if Sexton ends up on tour, he’ll probably take online classes to get his degree.
Corey wants to go into psychology. “I help people a lot with their problems,” he said.
Tom said he is supporting the boys in any of their endeavors, and even if they don’t make it big in the music industry, at least they gave it their best shot.
“The music industry is extremely hard to get into,” he said. “You have to be in the right place at the right time ... you either jump on the wave and ride it or you let it go on by. There’s no guarantee that there’ll be another wave,” Tom explained.
The father-turned-manager also is a musician and played bass alongside his wife’s guitar. “They’ve grown up with music around them,” Tom said, “...they weren’t afraid to express themselves.”
He said he still plays around with the bass from time to time, but nothing serious. However, he’s all business with Sexton.
“I have as much passion for promoting them as they do for playing,” he said.
When it comes to the music, he doesn’t pull any punches just because they’re family. “If I think it sucks, I’m going to tell them,” he said.
“I personally enjoy their music. I’m not afraid to push them.”
Tom also said the reason Sexton has a good chance of winning the contest is due to their interesting mix of personalities.
“John could take any small action and write an entire song about it. Joshua’s flamboyant. Justin’s really quiet, he just concentrates on his drums. Corey is kind of the stoic one. They kind of have a really wild mixture in there,” Tom said.
John has his own view on what it takes to become a rock star. “Anybody can perform, but to do it differently, to do things that nobody else has done, that’s what makes you legendary.”
“We’re a family band, the four of us. We’re pop culture, but we’re also defining pop culture,” John said.
You can view the video, register, make a comment and mark the band as one of your favorites at
Winners will be chosen in February.
For more information on Sexton, visit - Struthers Hometown Journal

"Struthers rock band keeps it in the family"

Jan. 18, 2009
Sexton is competing in a national contest for family-based bands.
Lights. Camera. Sexton.
That's the end result Struthers-based family rock act Sexton - brothers John Cutlip (vocals, guitar), Josh Cutlip (bass) and Justin Cutlip (drums) along with cousin Corey Clements (guitar) - is hoping happens from its involvement in the Singing Family Face Off contest sponsored by CBS' "Early Show." The network will be selecting six bands to perform on the morning show, with the winner earning the chance for a record deal.
"We entered this national contest where we're in the running to go to New York to face off live against five other families for the chance at a record contract," John said.
Though the idea of family members forming a rock band is nothing new, what makes Sexton unique is the age difference.
John, the band leader, is a 22-year-old college senior. He's joined by 16-year-old Struthers High School sophomores Josh, Justin and Corey.
This brings up the interesting point of the group dynamic. Specifically, how does John handle sharing a band with tenth-graders? Though he admits the situation on the surface may seem odd, the 2005 Struthers High School graduate stresses he wouldn't have it any other way.
"They have a lot of talent, and I'm actually kind of lucky to have started the band when they were so young," said John, who only recently started playing the guitar. "I wish I was younger when I first got into it. While they've been playing for longer than me, to be good as they are at that age is very promising for their future.
"And sometimes we do have different views on things. Sometimes I'm struggling to get them focused because they're 16-year-olds with everything you have to go through when you're 16. But they are very good kids, easy to work with and they listen, so we get a lot done."
Described as an alternative rock act, the foursome formed last March and already has six songs in its repertoire, including the heavy "Ready for Anything" and the mellow but poppy "21."
The Cutlip's father, Tom, who also manages the act, said the band members' desire to rock out came from a likely new millennium source.
"One of the things that inspired them to become a band was playing video games like 'Rock Band' and 'Guitar Hero,'" Tom said. "After they got really good at [the games], they decided to try it out for real for more of a challenge. They are always challenging themselves."
Though the band has played numerous private family affairs, it's also ventured out into the club scense with gigs at The Cellar and Tangier.
"We were very well received and did have good acclaim from some of the people in the area," John said. "I talked to some of the people we opened for who were quite impressed. Our family is behind us 110 percent. If it wasn't for them and our fans, none of this would have been possible. Just the turnout and the response online to the contest where people are leaving their comments and making us their favorite on the CBS Web site is just phenomenal. What more can we ask for?"
Currently at the "Singing Family Face Off" Web site ( - click on Most Popular), Sexton's "Ready for Anything" is leading in popularity, has the most comments and is currently in third place for the most views.
"The CBS morning show is a good way for Sexton to show the world their music," Tom said. "It's good for them to get this kind of exposure, not only for their personal experience, but also for people to give them feedback. And of course, the obvious fact that this could lead them to a record deal and a team of people who can help them develop their music."
Even though the band is a few weeks away from finding out if it made the six-band semifinal cut, John remains optimistic about not only the family group's chances but its future.
"On the 'Singing Family Face Off' previews, they're showing some of the more popular bands that have been received and we expect in the next couple of weeks they'll put us up therem" John said. "Maybe it's more hopeful, but it's a good indication we're heading for something big here."
For more information, go to - The Vindicator -


A Better Forever (EP)
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Lights. Camera. SexTon. The Struthers, Ohio, band gained national attention less than a year after its formation in a national contest, attracting thousands of fans and a strong local following.

The band has been featured in newspapers, including the Struthers Hometown Journal and the Youngstown Vindicator (one of Ohio's "big 8.") and the band has opened for national acts.

SexTon was formed with the evolving face of the music industry in mind. Having been educated in music theory and singing, the three Cutlip brothers, John, Josh and Justin, turned their passion for listening into one for learning and performing. Joined by their cousin, Corey, and their friends Mark and Carleen, SexTon took less than a year to release their first 6-track EP, available at
Band members' tastes vary, but they appeal to the alternative/indy crowd as well as metal and rock. SexTon is influenced by bands like Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, Dream Theater, Judas Priest, Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin and Matchbook Romance.

Check out for listening samples.