Sexto Sentido

Sexto Sentido


SEXTO SENTIDO consists of 4 young female singers featuring young generation of Cuban musicians with light, fresh and emotionally touching songs, inspired by international sounds, combined with Cuban Jazz and traditional Cuban music.


The harmony of their voices is based on years of intensive training, since they started together in school. Their range of music includes Cuban, Brazilian, Latin-American and international songs - a mixture of smooth Latin-Jazz, contemporary R&B, Soul (¨Feeling¨) and Bossa Nova - combined with Cuban Salsa and Son elements.

SEXTO SENTIDO soon created their own style. Just after a few months in the local music scene their name became a staple in the Cuban music culture. After their first awards at renowned Havana Music Festivals (JO-JAZZ 2001, JAZZ PLAZA 2004, CUBADISCO 2007) they became the leading entity of vocal harmony in Cuba. In 2004 they made their first CD ¨Bossa Cubana¨, a collection of classic Brazilian songs with Cuban elements. They are famous in whole Cuba due to their frequent presence at Radio and TV.

SEXTO SENTIDO often collaborates with worldwide renowned artists of the Latin-American music scene, such as Chucho Valdez, Pablo Milanes, Silvio Rodriguez and the legendary Buena Vista Social Club. They also worked successfully with worldwide renowned contemporary music producers like Guy Sigsworth and Norman Cook (¨Fatboy Slim¨) performing on dancefloor and house tracks for the London studio NDF International (CD “The Revolution presents Revolution”, Europe 2009).
SEXTO SENTIDO were touring the world with concerts at Monte Carlo (Casino & Sporting Club), Moscow (Tschaikowsky Theatre), Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Angola, Mexico, Chile, Germany (ITB 2009) and France. Their talent promptly placed them as one of the preferred groups used at Cuban state functions, representing the new talent of Cuba also at international events (Latin-American Summit 2007 in Chile, World-Aids Congress 2008 in Mexico-City).


Bossa Cubana (Colibri)
Mi Feeling (Colibri)

SEXTO SENTIDO will present their new CD in 2010.

Set List

Soul, Bolero, Latin, Cross Over, Jazz...