The brainchild and alterego of Jellyfish Alumni Eric Dover, Sextus is the natural progression from his powerpop roots through the hard rock edge of his time with Slash's Snakepit and the Electro tinged glam of Imperial Drag.


Eric Dover is without question, a chameleon, a rock star raised by nature’s spirits, suckling the life giving milk of Eve herself. His first introduction to the world was as the guitarist for the San Francisco band JELLYFISH. “It was indeed a magical time," he reflects. His tenure with Jellyfish ended when the band broke up. "Perhaps it my malcontented nature that led to their demise." he jokes.

After the breakup of Jellyfish, Roger Manning Jr. and Eric decided to collaborate on what was to become the epymonious debut of IMPERIAL DRAG (WORKGROUP/SONY).

The same time also saw Eric singing, writing and touring with SLASH from Guns & Roses in his post Axl band SNAKEPIT. "What happened was I had driven to California with about 500 dollars in a Red ‘85 Bronco all the way from Alabama. It looked ridiculous; every piece of gear I owned was packed in that thing. Then all at once, I had label offers and Slash beckoning me to sing with him, though he was aware that I was under contract with Sony and I was due to release my own record soon. So, I did it ALL! I toured with Slash & Imperial Drag right after that!”

Imperial Drag's first single “Boy or a Girl”, was released to warm reception. The single made it to #39 on the top 40 charts before typical company shakeups found them in the cold with no record company support. It was the age old struggle. “I found a concerted effort on the part of the record company to change us into something we never were and didn't give a shit about being, all so they could control us.” Eric and Roger eventually parted ways, and Eric found himself back on the road and in the studio, pulling guitar duty for rock legend Alice Cooper. It was during that time Eric began to consider a whole new identity.

"I was looking for the magic cookie that said EAT ME on it, and I feel that I’ve found that in Sextus.”

Though Eric is a rather ordinary sort of chap, Sextus is ANYTHING but ordinary. "It was important that the persona be directly influenced by the music solely, which is both dramatic and epic in its word, and intent. It is something that cannot be misconstrued.” Appropriately, he has christened the album “STRANGER THAN FICTION”.

"It was EVEN MORE important to fly into the face of the existing current nihilistic post punk paradigms as far as rock and roll is concerned to achieve balance. After all, parts of this record are very personal to me and I can ASSURE you, it was no picnic to write sometimes. Some very painful things attached themselves to this record on a deeper, more subversive level, even if I'm singing in clichéd couplets more akin to the musings of a pre adolescent boy at times.."

This, coming from the "self described" sole pioneer of the genre known as DREMO is evidently cheek in TOUNGE, but don't dismiss SEXTUS as shallow. "It is the music of my dreams" Eric confides. “It is through this persona that I shall continue to DREMO the fuck out and play shows, proper and loud. I have endured countless setbacks, deaths, divorces, alienation; you name it, during the process of making this record. It is my statement to the world, my testimony of love, and love lost.” says Eric, err...

I mean SEXTUS.


Selected Titles:
Jellyfish - Guitar, Vocals, Select Recordings
Slash's Snakepit - It's 5 o'clock Somewhere - Lead Vocals
Imperial Drag - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Umajets - Demolition - Guitar
Alice Cooper - Dragontown - Background Vocals
Alice Cooper - Eyes of Alice Cooper - Guitar, Vocals
Sextus - Vinyl is Stranger than Fiction Vol. 1 (Nov. 2007)
Sextus - Stranger than Fiction (February 2008)

Set List

Sextus is extremely flexible and availible in several configurations to meet the needs of the venue and the occasion. Everything from full blown big rock show, to a stripped down solo accoustic performance, and multiple configurations in between. Sets can go from 15 minutes to an Hour +
Songs include but are not limited to:
Wishing You Well
Wild to Make You Mine
On The Freak Side
Glitter Girl
The Mystery of O
Kiss Me to Tremors
Triki Tina
You Might Should Know
Crazy Crazy Crazy
Break of the Morning

You Little Angel You - Archies Cover
That is Why - Jellyfish Cover

and More!