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The best kept secret in music


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2007 CD: Dressed For The Apocalypse


All tracks on this CD will be distributed digitally by CD Baby's digital distribution agreement.

We have a myspace page that we put various live recordings on. We also sell tracks through Snocap there.


Currently we have all tracks of a self recorded(not released) live album playing on a couple local college radio stations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Those Who Know and Those Who Don't Know"
by Mark

1994 KRUI(local radio station) DJ on air as a song fades:

That was "Sexual Buddha" a new local band. All my friends have have been talking about this band that came to an open mike and blew everyone away. My friends say they've never seen anything like it. They had this singer blasting vocals by everyone faster than they could comprehend...and the band had this slap and pop funk rhythm backed up by two percussionists and mad guitar over the whole thing. They're playing this Friday and I can't wait to see them!"


Yeah, I heard about that. I always hate it when bands barge in and take over open mikes like that. I mean who do they think they are? They played like 6 songs and nobody else got a chance to play. No those guys are assholes and I'll never play them here, Never!

DJ 1:

Well I still can't wait to see them.

I don't even remember the DJs names. The truth is that we were invited to play and close out the open mike by the people running it. DJ #2 was the senior DJ at the radio station so we didn't see any air time. It didn't hurt us though. We played bars and house parties 4 to 5 times a week and created quite a following. It would seem that the fact that we didn't get any airplay(or need any for that matter) had made us infamous. This type of thing is a reoccurring situation with us. We seem to make people happy. When we run across someone who "doesn't like us", It makes someone somewhere else like us more.

2007 Who is Sexual Buddha?

Sexual Buddha is a Rock/Funk/soul party band. We've been together on and off for 13 years. Every time we get back together we seem to be better than the last. This time we decided to make the CD "Dressed For The Apocalypse". We realized we could reach more people with a CD (and that we wanted something to show for the last 13 years).

"Dressed For The Apocalypse", That's a funny name?

The term “Dressed For The Apocalypse” was coined by Rob(our singer) in a car on the way to record the album. It was Sunday and he passed 5 churches on his way to the studio. All had dozens of people dressed in their Sunday best trying to make their best impression to God. Rob thought it odd that in the ideology of the Sunday crew they believe that the world will be ending soon and these people were making sure their ties were on straight. These people were “Dressed for the Apocalypse”. The idea of the rapture aside, most people with the knowledge of the end of the world would be making steps toward preventing such an event or they would be building shelters to possibly protect themselves when things go down. Not these folks, they were more concerned with clean shoes and lint removal..

Where did Sexual Buddha come from?

The truth is that we all grew up in about the same area and most of us went to the same High School before we moved to Iowa City. I won't bore you with the details. The history of Sexual Buddha and its members is always less interesting than its future. If you wan to learn more go to www.myspace/sexualbuddha