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Sexxxxxy Tee

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Sexxxxxy Tee, the hottest femcee from the DC/MD/VA area, is known for her sharp flow, flawless delivery, and versatility. She can spit the straight from the street lyrics over a hard beat, seduce you with pillow talk on a sexy track, or bring the Latin Flavor with spanish vocals on a Reggaeton cut.


Sexxxxxy Tee grew up in Silver Spring, MD just outside of Washington, DC. Being the daughter of a popular D.J., "BIG TEE", she was constantly exposed to Old School Rap, Hip Hop, Funk, R&B, Slow Jams, etc. as she watched her DJing father do his thing at numerous parties and events. Sexxxxxy Tee also experienced a few hard times in life such as the deaths of family members, and crime & murder associated with the area she lived, these experiences motivated her to write at an early age. She started writing poetry about what she would see, feel, experience, imagine, and believe. As she shared her writings, she captured the awe and support of those close to her. Sexxxxxy Tee’s poetry writing progressed and eventually evolved into writing song lyrics. Over the years, she participated in several talent shows. Her dreams and aspirations as a teen was to move the crowd like some of her favorite rappers, better yet, Lyricists such as; Nas, LL-Kool J, Jay Z, Method Man, Tribe Called Quest, and legends like Kool Moe Dee, KRS-One, Biggie, Tupac and lots more. Sexxxxxy Tee later joined a rap group called Triple Threat, performing at open mics in clubs throughout DC, MD, VA & PA, including opening for Cee-Lo of Gnarles Barkley/GOODIE MOB fame at Towson University in Towson, MD. Currently, Sexxxxxy Tee is a member of Black T.O.P Entertainment sharing the mic with fellow BT.O.P. members V.DOT, T-Y, Tone, Gunz & Money. Still in pursuit of her solo career Sexxxxxy Tee remains focused on her quest to make a mark for herself as a great Rapper, MC, Songwriter and Artist.



Shake & Bake

Written By: Terri T. Franco, Tony O. Sims

Put you hands on your hips,
Pause snap and twist,
Get low wiggle it
Switch spin and dip
Now Shake & Bake

All my ladies in the club
Grab yourself a dude
Beat your feet to the beat
Go and make your move
Now Shake & Bake

Shake It

Written By: Terri T. Franco, Tony O. Sims

Shake It, Shake It like a matress
Dale dale dale duro

They Don't Know

Written By: Terri T. Franco, Tony O. Sims

Yoooooo, They Don't know


Song Streaming via MySpace:
- Shake & Bake
- They Don't Know
- Imma Show Ya
- You Don't Know Me

Set List

1. Shake It
2. Do What I Do
3. Imma Show Ya
4. Shake & Bake
5. They Don't Know