Sexy Heroes

Sexy Heroes

 Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, USA

Sexy Heroes have created a new style blending funk, punk and Classic Rock and ska. We like to break down the typical "rockstar" image and put ourselves more on a level with our audience. Sexy Heroes are the embodiment of fun in band form.


When the music world is changing so drastically, the primary focus should be on innovation and originality. Sadly, this is not the case. Sexy Heroes, however, is a group that has created their own unique style blending melodic punk, with funk, rock, and ska.

Sexy Heroes are in a transitional phase right now, and exploring different styles of music, and possibly even a name change this year.

In a few years and multiple line up changes, the three core members have written and recorded two full length albums and two EP's which are currently in rotation on Seton Hall's WSOU Radio Station (voted the nation's #1 college radio).
Sexy Heroes have won almost every competition they've entered, including many battle of the bands, and The Break Contest for a Main Stage spot at the Bamboozle Festival.

This energetic and engaging live act grabs listeners from the first song, turning skeptics into followers. Their stage presence sets them apart from the norm, and is the reason they have shared the stage with many national touring acts and performed at many notable venues and festivals. These artists include The Bloodhound Gang, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, Bayside, The Aquabats, Bowling For Soup, Streetlight Manifesto, Catch 22, and Big D and The Kids Table.

With influences ranging from NOFX to Queen, from Showtunes to Punk, its easy to see why Sexy Heroes appeal to all generations. Since their second album Penguin Airlines, which independently sold over 1,000 copies in it's first week, Sexy Heroes have been widening their musical palette and are constantly evolving their sound.


Louie Gee

Written By: Sexy Heroes In Transit

Let me tell ya a little story about a guy nobody knows
He's the one wearing green with a baseball cap
An underrated Itie, if I ever saw one
He can kick your ass in seconds flat

He jumps a little higher than his older brother
But because he's younger, gets much less respect
The princess she is always saying thank you mario
Even if it's not him who saved the day this time

L-U-I-G-I better than the average guy
And Mario he can just go home
Cause I know I can do it on my own

I've heard a bunch a people say he's green with envy
But the only thing he wants is the credit he's due
'Cause he's taller and he's skinnier and he's much more handsome
Why's he always stuck with toad instead of princess peach?

L-U-I-G-I better than the average guy
Mario he can just go home
Cause I know I can do it on my own

Ticklish Bill

Written By: Sexy Heroes In Transit

Let me tell you all about TIcklish B
Sitting in his glasses like an Elton wanna be
Ticklish Bill's got quite a way to go
Doesn't even know how to play Piano

Trying to be safe with the censors today
Gotta say Ticklish instead of saying Gay
Ticklish Bill"s got a lot of fun games to play
And Everyone cant wait to hear him say
Drive Fast. Take Chances. Oh Boy Yeah!

Falling from heights and breaking his limbs
Guess He'll never dance on the ladder again

Kevin who he works with has got a bum knee
And Charlie just had surgery

Now he's back and we shout hooray
One step faster everyday

Superman's great but he doesn't compare
Charlie and Bill are a funny pair

Cause Chucks always talking with so much to say
And Bills always thinking of some game to play

Now I'm Feelin'

Written By: Chris Watts

With all the feelings and the thoughts in my head
Well I don't know what is right
All of the songs I hear everyday
Yeah they're all so far from fine

What can you do
Well I haven't got a clue
And it's all I can do to smile
I can't just sit back, I gotta take action
And I know that now's the time

It's all that I can hope for, a new days drawing near.
It's gonna take time, I know things will be fine
And I will still be here so

Now I'm feeling
So alone
Got no one to comfort me at all
I'm gonna lose it
Cause this is killing me
Gotta fix it cause this is my destiny

Robert Downey Jr.


A gen-i-us is what they say, and hey I know they're right
He brings to life the guys he plays even if they're not white
He talks so fast you know I wonder how he does it
Stubbly chin, Sarcastic grin, sounds gay but I love watching him

He's done so many things and had such different roles
He always seems unhinged or just out of control
I knew back when that he would finally find his way
My friends I'll tell ya his name is really fun to say

Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr's coming my way,
My way or the highway

It was a rough patch in his life, but thats all over now
He's back and top and he won't stop until he owns this town


2005 - Hero Handbook
2007 - Penguin Airlines
2008 - It's All In The Pants EP
2009 - Hero Sandwich EP

We have tracks streaming on our myspace.
We also have songs on many internet, independent, and college radio stations.

Set List

Our typical set list consists of a few songs from every one of our albums.
Here's a good example,
Bluffington Diaries, Pirates!, Magic-Ian, Noablo Espaniol, Louie Gee, Ticklish Bill, Robert Downey Jr.
We generally play half hour sets in which we play 7 to 8 songs. We book ourselves out for parties and have enough material to play for at least two hours.

We play a wide variety of covers. Some of our best include The Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang, All Star by Smash Mouth, Fight For your RIght by The Beastie Boys, and Rockin' in the Free World by Neil Young.