Sexy Heroes

Sexy Heroes

 Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, USA

Exciting Pop / Punk charachters with an electrifying stage show that combines happy sing along pop punk songs with band members knkown for drawing the crowd into every chorus!


With influences all across the board from rock to pop to punk to reggae...Sexy Heroes, from Northern New Jersey, are four young guys with boundless energy and first rate musicianship! All original tracks on their debut CD "interroBang" include fun numbers like Jurassic Punk, Louie Gee, and Robert Downey Jr.! They have won New Jersey's Battle of the Bands for the last 2 years, winning them a feature main stage performance at the Bamboozle Festival where they had the crowd eating ot of their hands!
Rising stars on the New Jersey / New York scene ready to conquer the rest of the planet!


"interroBang" Full Length Debut CD on Pop Detective Records (2011)