Sexy Merlin

Sexy Merlin


Toronto drum wizard brings some serious drum fury. Avant dance beats in space, percussion running through phasers, jiving in & out. Popping cowbells and bumping roto toms, beats that float through your inner cortex.


Toronto based solo percussionist Sean Dunal has been performing under the name Sexy Merlin since early 2010. Using live and looped electronic percussion coupled with drumset he has produced a one man dance project unlike any other. He has gained local popularity through playing numerous shows and house parties and recently has found a fan base in New Zealand where he played the one of a kind outdoor music festival Camp a Low Hum.


3D in 3D, Gay/Sexy Merlin 12" split EP
Released: 02/17/2011 on Pleasence Records
Sexy Merlin, 7" EP
Released: 08/20/2011 on Pleasence Records