seymour bits

seymour bits


Funk, Pop-R&B, Electro... in that order


Seymour Bits rocks a brand of electronic funk music from a
period in the 80s that never existed. Do you remember The Time? They were
the other band in Purple Rain, the only band Prince was ever afraid of.
OK now imagine them jamming with Thomas Dolby and Dopplereffekt.
Blending not only electro and funk, Seymour Bits has the ability to compose
catchy songs with a distinct beginning and end. Combined with some thrilling
solos and sexy vocals he is, even in these electro-packed days, still very
much ahead of his time.


hit me with technology
bonparapara attack
return of the phantom

the booty pop phantom

various remixes (by and for)

Set List

set 30 to 45 minutes
non stop dance a thon with live singing
vocoder and synth solos. sometimes
dancers and or backing vocalists