Seymour Blue

Seymour Blue

 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Seymour Blue brings an aspect of performance that is unmatched by most touring bands these days. The music is only half the experience. The other is wondering what absurd antics they will attempt on stage. There is a sense of unique genuine passion that is seen at every show that is unrelenting.


Seymour Blue’s live energy and ambition shouldn’t be mistaken for naivety. Veterans of previous bands: John Caleb Goertz, Alexander Michael Hinson, Robert Jake Smith, Joseph Tillman Allen, and Joshua Sheldon Meadows are just trying to bring the fun back to indie rock. Their debut album “One Day We Will Be Children Again” is an expansive rock album with soaring synth breakdowns and the occasional banjo stomp. Comparisons to As Cities Burn, Anathallo, or the Avett Brothers miss the variety of musical ways these guys approach the album's theme – "Let's make everything new." Darker tones give way to way to upbeat blasting choruses that make for an exciting live show. Audiences are sure to leave with at least one great riff stuck in their head by the end of the night.


One Day We Will Be Children Again - LP - 2010
Lucas - EP - 2010