He, the artist who spreads his feelings with music. And so he sings and recounts in malinké,
his native tongue, in french and sometimes in english. Griot of a new era, he perpetuates
a message of memory and vigilance towards today’s World. Modern griot,
he doesn’t work for the powers in place like the tradition wants.He is alone and sings
consciously the truth.
Resulting from the long tradition of the Kouyaté – griot from father to son – Alseyni
Kouyaté aka Seyni sings in Malinké, French and sometimes English to denounce the sufferings
of human beings all over the word.
Precursor of Reggae Yankadi (crossroad of traditional guinean rythms and jamaïcan
Reggae), committed and militant singer, profesionnal dancer (KOTEBA from
ABIDJAN, national ballet in Guinea), actor and composer (“La Vie Platinée” of
Claude Cadiou, with MAMADY KEITA in which SALIF KEITA sings songs written by Seyni),
musician in MORY KANTE’s band (touring in Africa).
Yéliba : The Great Griot Yéli = Griot / Ba = Great
The group live in the region of Bordeaux ( France ) , composed of 5 musicians called

The YELIBA “the Great Griot” .

They create together a new style The Reggae
Yankadi (crossroad of traditional guinean rythms and jamaïcan Reggae).
Composed of his young brother Naby Kouyate, who plays balafon prodigiously
(balafola). Georges Mottin aka Georges KING, leader of the group SAME BLOOD
and guitarrist of bands like: Tikenjah Fakoly, Magic System..
The Yeliba are also composed of ancient members of Niominka’bi, Same Blood,
Some Style Band…

In 2006, Seyni & Yéliba have given more than 50 gigs in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland....
Rototom Reggae Sunsplash - Weltnacht Festival - Africafestival (Allemagne) - Nancy Jazz Pulsation -
Reggae Sun Ska - Musique Métisse ...