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Seyni Yeliba

Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France | INDIE

Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France | INDIE
Band World Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Revelations about african roots of the jamaican one drop reggae rhythm"

Everyone know that the ONE DROP REGGAE rhythm comes from NYABINGHI, through the SKA.
But very few know that the NYABINGHI comes from the ancestral YANKADI african rhythm.

In this way, YANKADI, NYABINGHI, SKA, and ONE DROP are linked by this mother to child relationship...

That's why Seyni Yeliba define his music as YANKADI REGGAE and not as "REGGAE YANKADI". This music played by SEYNI & YELIBA (yeliba means in mandingo «the mighty griots») is very powerful and enchanted.

We can feel in the YANKADI REGGAE harmonic vibrations of love, joy and also a perfume of revolution.

This music mix all in one jamaican rhythms and african rhythms to express the long and complex story of africans taking place from one to another of the both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

This band will enjoy all the REGGAE lovers in search of roots and culture.

LINK 2!/video/video.php?v=105471259470753 - Abana Magazine


2009 - New single : Mangue Wouléfalè feat Bill de Sam & Alpha Wess
2008 - Album "Mon General" still availiable



"Issu de la lignée des Kouyaté, les grands griots de l’empire Mandingue ("griot" à traduire par djeli ou yeli et "grand" par bai, Alseyni Kouyaté dit Seyni avec son groupe Yeliba (les grands griots) invite ceux qui aime le reggae roots ou encore les musiques africaines à écouter son "Yankadi Reggae", une musique qui fusionne rythmes traditionnels et skanks jamaïcains. Au son du balafon, SEYNI raconte l’Afrique et ses problèmes, qu'il faut résoudre, ou ses richesses, qu'il faut valoriser. En mêlant les skanks jamaïcains aux sonorités traditionnels, le Yankadi Reggae de SEYNI raconte à partir du rythme Yankadi l’histoire de son Afrique qui dépasse aujourd’hui les frontières de sa Guinée natale et de tout le continent africain pour aller jusqu’en Jamaïque et s’étendre au reste du monde. C’est le rythme Yankadi qui rappelle à nos oreilles d’où vient le reggae roots (le mot "roots" est à traduire de l’anglais par "les racines"), c’est-à-dire de l’Afrique, la terre mère, berceau de l'humanité. Et en effet, qu'ils soient noirs, blancs, jaunes ou rouges, tous les êtres humains de la planète Terre descendent d'un même ancêtre lointain qui a vu le jour en Afrique et y a vécu pendant des millénaires avant d'émigrer vers les autres continents."
"Coming from the great line of Kouyate griots from Mandingo empire (djeli or Yeli means "griot" and Ba means "mighty", Alseyni Kouyaté also caleed said Seyni Yeliba with his band Yeliba (the mighty griots) invites those who love roots reggae and also African music to listen to their "Yankadi Reggae", music that fuses traditional guinean rhythms to the Jamaican skanks. On the sound of the balafon, SEYNI tells us about Africa and the problems that urge to be solved. He chants also about its beauty and its richness that should be valued. By combining Jamaican skanks to traditional sounds, the Yankadi Reggae of SEYNI chant the story of his native Guinea but also of the entire African continent, passing throught Jamaica to embrass the whole world. Yankadi rhythms are there to remind us about the roots of reggae, but also the roots of life, reminding that Africa is the motherland, the cradle of humanity. And is not it true that : whether black, white, yellow or red, all human beings on the planet Earth come from the same ancestor who was born in Africa and lived there for thousands of years before migrating to other continents. "