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"Fresh Local Hip Hop From SF1"

There have been quite a few songs in the last few years that try to describe the recent phenomenon of sexual and technological intersection. "Digital Girl" does it as well, if not better, than any of them. Besides the aesthetic, built with wistful yet emotionally removed production from Cesar Gonzales and catchy, robotic vocals from Betsy Ruckard, SF1 whisks through an array of very clever turn-of-phrase puns meant to turn you on, technologically and sexually. There is a little bit of cheese here, but it works. After all, there's nothing particularly deep about these OKCupid, Missed Connection, sexting relationships. They're fun and fleeting, like this song. - Westword


There’s something carnal about “Inamorata”, SF1's sophomore album. Something that makes your heart rate rise, your skin tingle, and your hips gyrate. Something invigorating and fresh. The music is alive with emotion and passion. The beats are animated and dynamic and SF1 seems to actively interact with them. His intonation modulates with the sound waves, he’s not just rapping over the track. His voice comes from inside of the beat. Directed by SF1's spirited presence, “Inamorata” is an undeniably addictive compilation.

SF1 and his music are intimately connected; he authors all of his lyrics and is responsible for all the drums, percussion, and a bit of the piano embedded in the beats. The drums submit to his expertise. SF1 has been immersed in the drumming community since childhood. For this project he collaborated with fellow musician Cesar Gonzalez. Their creativity manifests in the innovative rhythms weaved throughout “Inamorata”. Gonzalez also masterfully mixed most of the album. The vibrant beats are comprised from a blend of digital and real instruments flavored by Afro-Cuban, West African, Middle Eastern, jazz, and rock influences. The instrumentals are so infectious, they literally invaded my body. The solo dance party that ensued was out of my control.

Conceptually, “Inamorata”, covers the spectrum of romance. Different tracks throughout the album embody the plethora of emotions passion creates. “Tension” featuring Betsy Ruckard traces the curiosity and excitement of a new affair. The anticipation is amplified by the track’s alluring instrumental and the eagerness of SF1's lyrical delivery. Betsy Ruckard appears briefly to relieve the tension with her soothing vocals. “Strings” featuring Chrissie and Betsy Ruckard depicts the illusive friends with benefits arrangement. SF1 sketches that ideal situation every non-committal dreams of. Chrissie’s verse challenges the typical conception of a woman’s role in a no strings relationship. “Madman” is accompanied by a psychotic beat and chaotic lyrics, illuminating the lunacy head over heels love produces.

Stylistically, SF1 is dramatic and lively. The influences of Outkast and Tech N9ne are evident in his style, which is a combination of whimsy and verbal assault. An extensive theatrical history contributes to his vocal versatility. His technique morphs with the message of the song. On “Raw” and “Madman” he presents himself as maniacal and aggressive, matching the desperation of the lyrics. His portrayal transforms on “AfterParty” and “Fly Away” where he appears playful and charming.

I don’t listen to everything on repeat. But when my ears like something they become ravenous devouring the music over and over. I’ve literally been feasting on “Inamorata” for two days straight. Go ahead and gorge yourself, a little gluttony is accepted when it comes to music. You can find “Inamorata” on Sound Cloud or at sf1music.com.

- Milehimusic.com

"Reviews: SF1 – Inamorata"

-Greg’s Take-

I’ve never been huge on hip-hop. This might ruffle a few feathers, but I’ve long felt it is a genre that is submerged in lazy, quick production and often times it comes across monotonous. It takes someone truly original to snag my attention to the genre. And sadly, for every original “artist,” there are there are 300 impersonators. I say “artist” because even under that moniker, the only “talent” many exude is the ability to rhyme while speaking very quickly.

Like I said, it takes a rather stand-out sound to pique my interest. Coming in the form of Denver based, all-around entertainer, SF1 (aka Shane Franklin) my interest just got hit with a giant bitch-slap of originality. You see, SF1 isn’t hip-hop. No, you’re wrong, he’s not. He is an eclectically powered, true artist who just happens to rhyme in a fast, almost spoken style.

SF1’s Inamorata encapsulates all that can be good with hip-hop. The thirteen track album incorporates harmonies with worldly sounds and then spins it on its head with electronic beats and club vibes then tosses in native drums to spice things up. Not only is this some of the most tolerable hip-hop I’ve heard in some time, it is easily some of the most impressive. The spectacular array of sound comes to a pinnacle with “Rhapsody.” The track, featuring the talented Cleveland Jones, is a stand-up and stand-out song that will spin round and round within your inner musical soul. The record features the talents of Betsy Ruckard, Daj, Chrissie and the beautifully voiced Jenna Moll Reye, but SF1 doesn’t fall into the hellish hole that can be the “featuring:” insignia. It is his talent that soars. When most would lean to the obnoxious, SF1 shines in precision. Inamorata is thirteen surprises lined up nicely one after the other. With an approach like this and the knowhow that is constantly demonstrated within the record, Franklin has a very bright future.

Go ahead, be upset that I think hip-hop is a shallow kiddy-pool where nobody has room to move as they continue to sit in the repetitive stench begging for a massive break. Anyone can make an album, but few will make a second. SF1 deserves an invitation to the deep end of the pool where he can swim with unrestrained artistic freedom and continue to produce his sound. His ability to prove that he earns the title of “All-Around Entertainer” beams through the clouded genre in the form of Inamorata.

-Clay’s Take-

I am about to utter six of the most pretentious words of the new digital age: I was listening to a podcast the other day called “Roderick on the Line.” It’s great. On it, Roderick himself was discussing the moment in life he refers to as “finding your duck.” The context being that a well-behaved dog who has been living its ho-hum dog life can be thrust into a higher sense of purpose after instinct kicks in when it discovers a duck. Humans spend their lives trying to find their duck. You know that person who always knew they wanted to be a doctor? They found their duck at an early age.

Denver, you have a resident who found his duck. Shane “SF1? Franklin is a born entertainer and rhyming, poetic machine. He has released his sophomore album Inamorata and it is way ahead of his 23 years of age in terms of emotional clarity. It is one thing to find someone who has worked hard and developed talent to record a tight album; it is something else altogether to come across a natural. When that natural works their ass off to put out a great hip-hop album… man, there is nothing like it.

Produced by Cesar Gonzalez, Inamorata is a concept album about the most abstract of concepts: love. The thirteen songs track a relationship from meeting on the title track, sexual “Tension”, the highest of highs on “Rhapsody,” the emotional wrenching of breaking up on “Raw” and “Madman” to reconciling on the outro: “Permanent.” SF1 employs his staccato rhymes and powerful similes and metaphors (from being a pilot or riding a magic carpet on “Fly Away” or sexual tension “swarming me like many bees and stinging me”) against a blend of hip-hop, Cuban, Middle Eastern, and pop. Each song has hook layered upon hook and incredibly even; I had a hard time finding tracks that I wanted to skip over.

As a concept album, I love it. There are some third act problems as the “rollercoaster of love” goes from pain in “Raw” and “Madman” to redemption in “Permanent” a little quickly, but SF1 captures the emotion of each relationship stage with deftness. This album is so addictive on so many levels.

Love hip-hop? Love Inamorata. It is the fruits of the labor of a born entertainer, one with the ability to capture the attention of the most critical of us. When one of us finds our duck, it is a beautiful thing.

Note: as of the date of this review – November 28th – There are 8 days left on SF1's Kickstarter page to develop a video for “Rhapsody.” The song is awesome and deserves a video to match. He also has some creative donation gifts (Tap dance lessons? Hell yeah).

- Nanobot Rock Reviews


Cornbread (2009)
- Yes Yes Ya'll, Love Story, With Him

Blue Fire Mixtape (2011)
- How It Goes

Wherever The Hell I Feel Like Friday Volume 1 (2011)
- So Fresh, Times Square

Inamorata (2012)
- Rhapsody, Digital Girl, Raw, Permanent

Radio Play

"Yes Yes Ya'll" on the Berklee Internet Radio Network January 2010

"With Him" played on 93.3 Locals Only June 2011

"Love Story" played on 93.3 Local Shakedown January 2012

"How It Goes" & "Digital Girl" played on the F*ckin Internet Radio show July 2011

"So Fresh" & "Raw" played on Roots 2 Rap February 2012

"Raw" played on 1190's Local Shakedown March 2012

"Rhapsody" played on 1190's Local Shakedown March 2013

"Permanent" played on 93.3 Locals Only February 2013



Shane “SF1” Franklin, a drummer, music producer, dancer, actor and emcee who began his career in performance. Born in Denver, Colorado Mr. Franklin started as a member of the drama group and the children and youth choirs in church. A graduate of Denver School of the Arts/ Career Education Center Mr. Franklin studied both music and audio engineering. Upon completion of high school he continued his education at Berklee College of Music and received his Bachelors Degree in Music Business Management from the University of Colorado Denver. SF1 plans to continue to inspire and touch the world with his music and performance ability as a whole.

Mr. Franklin began emceeing at the age of nine, influenced by his cousin EM3 and his father, Dank Emcee. He is a trained musician, actor, dancer and a percussionist that has trained with the late Betty Ryer, John “Mr. Tap Dance” Williams, Judy “Fatu” Henderson, Stephan Griffin, Ernesto Diaz, Eguie Castillo, Jo Bunton Keel and Cleo Parker Robinson. He has appeared in The Eulipions “The Black Nativity”, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance “Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum” and The Colorado Opera’s “Porgy and Bess” to name a few. As an avid musician he has directed music in such productions as, “Stepping to a New Day” and “A Journey through Five Points.”

Staying with a true entrepreneur’s spirit Mr. Franklin founded Tega’s Percussionary Groove Session, Whymzical Notationz and now has company called Cornbread Entertainment, which showcases & develops new talent and provides music production through SF1 Productions. These are the integrated elements that contributed to the production of the “Cornbread” album.

In December of 2009 Mr. Franklin released his debut hip hop album entitled “Cornbread”. The album contains 12 tracks that feature a vast arrangement of traditional hip hop, African and Latin influenced rhythms with a fusion jazz spice top with an Andre 3000 twang. His singles “Love Story” and “Yes Yes Ya’ll” are available for download at www.cdbaby.com.

In 2012, SF1 released his sophomore album “Inamorata”. Inamorata, which is Italian for A woman with whom one is in love or has an intimate relationship, is a “rollercoaster of love” album to its core. From the initial meeting between a man and woman, to the head over heels feeling, to the break up, to the calm after the storm. SF1 has teamed up with Music Producer and long time friend Cesar Gonzalez to craft a fresh sound that integrates Afro Cuban, West African, Middle Eastern, Jazz, and Rock all infused with a Hip Hop foundation. With amazing arrangements, an all star cast of featured vocalists, and SF1’s creative song concepts, Inamorata captures the attention of every fan of love.

SF1 is sure to be considered one of today’s multidimensional talents that possess an array of skills that is sure to captivate and electrify any stage. Not your typical rap/hip hop artist of today but truly an artist in its true essence. Video footage, music videos, performance dates, photos, the opportunity to sign up to his mailing list can be found at sf1music.com as well as facebook.com/sf1productions, twitter.com/sf1music and youtube.com/sfinest22