Sweet Fanny Adams

Sweet Fanny Adams



They are young, they play an honest rock’n’roll and they want, at least, to be in a cool
mixtape that people might like to hear. But this is not a made-for-TV movie synopsis. It
basically represents in a few words the spirit of this band called Sweet Fanny Adams –
meaning “nothing at all”. As if such a band needed a name with a deep meaning.
It is the will of making a dancing rock, full of fun - without having to be "funny" - that moves
Sweet Fanny Adams. Formed by Diego Araújo, Leo Gesteira, Hélder Bezerra and Rafael
Borges, the band has been able to sweep the audience off its feet, winning more fans at
each live performance. It is on the stage that they show us they are not kidding when it
comes to making people move their bodies: dancing, jumping or simply tapping the feet to
the sound of the riffs and chorus. That’s why it wasn’t by pure chance that they were invited
to play, despite the short history of the band, in many important independent rock festivals
throughout Brazil.
You don’t need to go very far or wait until the next gig to check them out.
The band’s second EP, called “Fanny, You’re No
Fun”, has four instantaneous hits. Don’t miss the chance to listen to them: it's the best fun
you can get when old-school-rock-and-roll meets get-off-your-feet-and-dance-beat.


You are No Fun - EP