Stephen Foster and the Awesomes

Stephen Foster and the Awesomes

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Standing on a precipice. overlooking a musically deprived humanity, Listless and desperate for a renaissance. Sleepless nights, searching for answers, unrelenting despair... Your wait is over. Stephen Foster and the Awesomes is kind of like The Beatles, but much, much better.


The second Renaissance will be brought by the release of our upcoming demo(/possible EP-like release) We will bring new definition to the term "renaissance men", when we are actually, genuinely, single-handedly responsible for a worldwide renaissance and the onset of a whole new unprecedented, enlightened, and, frankly, much more awesome era of humanity, and we don't believe in hyperbole. We sound kind of like the beatles would have sounded had they written much, much, much better songs.



Written By: Stephen Foster

Give me just one more chance
you fell down without my hand
you fell down wrapping faith around his sound
give me just one more chance
you broke down and broke the plan
you fell down flailing arms upon the ground

it could be you who's insane, you know
we just needed more time to grow
to grow
it could be you
you thought it true
and we both know

but when it's over,
could you
be the soldier,
when I swear there's nothing I can say
is it colder, or misconstrued?
but we'll take nothing to the grave

Book Of Stamps

Written By: Stephen Foster

Well you were told this twice before,
but ransomed words to open doors
I could not take you there this time
you're breaking ground, so realize
and realize

Well, you were sold this book of stamps
to send away for better maps
to make your way, saving ample time
to spend alone beside a fragile mind
a fragile mind

but you could be saved
you've been falling down again
you could be saved

fallen crowns, turnarounds
you were meant to be
I'm falling out, round-about
you weren't meant to see
you were meant to be

Set List

Rambo Calrissian,
Book of Stamps,
We Were the Bomb,
Eder Dam,