SFD is definitely for fans of Theory Of A Deadman, Godsmack and Tool all rolled into one electrifying spectacle. Not for the faint of heart, they deliver their gut-wrenching message of life in the shitter but they always come out swinging with the idea that WE SHALL OVERCOME!


Pure and simple, SFD is an explosive hard-rock trio that has been called everything from the “Hardest working band in the Indie scene” to the “Real Deal”. Often compared to greats Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, the band delivers a gut-wrenching, in-your-face wall of sound with songs that have meaningful lyrics that leave a lasting impression on the listener. Whether it’s one of their heavier songs or a charged up ballad, their music always displays a very personal side of the band that taps into their strong emotions about human life and social issues of the day. The intense energy the band delivers live is something that must be seen and has often left fans dazed and confused as to how a 3-piece band could be capable of delivering such a big sound that has resulted in humorous accusations by fans that the band hides another guitar player back-stage. As legendary engineer/producer Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, April Wine, Tea Party) once said after hearing the band’s track Little Girl, “This is one band I would really want to see live. You just know they would kick some serious ass”.

With their second release So Far Down in 2006, the band suddenly found themselves gaining in popularity all over the internet airwaves, being heard by scores of listeners and becoming one of the most requested bands on many of the major internet radio stations. “If you had told me that we would end up with the number 6 song for 2007 on the hugely popular syndicated Scott and Pam Show, or have the top requested song on Broadcast Asylum, reaching as many as 450,000 listeners per show, I would have said that’ll never happen,” says vocalist & guitarist BRAD WILSON. “We put our heart and soul into our music and sometimes we have this feeling like 'is it as good as it needs to be?' But to get both the fan and industry response we’ve received in the past couple of years validates everything for us. It gives us a good reason and motivation to keep forging ahead.”

SFD is fronted by vocalist and guitarist BRAD WILSON (Spacetramp Cowboy), who is backed by the powerhouse rhythm section of bassist KEVIN GOWIN and drummer STEVE SCOTT (Detox). In 2002, with original drummer Brian Smyth, the band quickly broke into the Toronto club scene. Gaining enough local interest they quickly removed the words “Demo” from their first release Six Feet Deep (2003) and began selling it at shows. After completing the sophomore record So Far Down in late 2005, Smyth left the band in pursuit of other musical interests and the two remaining members found themselves with a CD that was ready to be released but without a complete band. The addition of NIALL MELLORS, who was known for his explosive stage show antics with previous band Smeer helped propel the band forward and over the following two years and the band became a staple on various radio formats, was the Studio band for Daniel MacMaster (Bonham) and shared the stage with the likes of Default, Kix, Ill Scarlet and Marianas Trench as well as headlining numerous major venues in Canada and the U.S. After spending nearly two years solely focusing on the U.S. market which meant an absence from the Canadian music scene, the buzz was on again for SFD on their home turf after an appearance at Indie Night In Canada 2009 (Canadian Music Week - March 11, 2009) and the time had come for more change with the band welcoming new drummer STEVE SCOTT (Detox) to the fold, who breathes new life into the music and who will play a critical role in the bands new material which fans are saying is "Theory Of A Deadman meets Godsmack meets Tool with a bit of Metallica thrown in there for good measure!"

Since its release So Far Down has earned the band excessive amounts of airplay on internet, satellite and terrestrial radio. Their riveting track Little Girl was picked up as the theme song for a new television show and in early 2007 SFD also signed a deal with 509 Films that saw five of the band's tracks reaching a worldwide audience in the flick Vertical Ascent. SFD’s also found their way to the number 1 position on NumberOneMusic.com’s “Indie Rock Chart”. Not only did SFD beat out tens of thousands of other bands with this amazing achievement, but they also had an astonishing 8 songs in the top 20! The band is currently working on material for their third release while shopping for a deal. As Indielife Radio DJ “Wally-B” put it, “A record deal will be well deserved by the hardest working band I’ve ever seen in the Indie scene today. These guys deserve all the success in the world. SFD is a true role model for other bands and an inspiration to the music industry and its fans.”


Little Girl

Written By: B. Wilson (SOCAN), K. Gowin (SOCAN)


Little girl, why do you make me feel this way?
Little girl, my thoughts of you help pass the day

Can you take away the madness?
Can you take away the pain?

Little girl, you bring a smile upon my face
Little girl, don't you grow up, don't go away

Can you take away the madness?
Can you take away the pain?

© 2006. All rights reserved.

All In My Head

Written By: B. Wilson (SOCAN), K. Gowin (SOCAN), B. Smyth


They say live everyday like it was your last
That's hard to do when you're living in the past
Feel so out of control
Feels like I've made a pact and sold my soul

Here it comes again knocking on my door
It's so bad it's really hard to ignore
Though it was gone, thought it was dead
But deep down inside I know it ain't
'cause it's all in my head

I don't belong here, I ain't fitting in
Every new day I've committed another sin
So much hurt, so much pain
It's probably what's driving me insane

Here it comes again knocking on my door
It's so bad it's really hard to ignore
Though it was gone, thought it was dead
But deep down inside I know it ain't
'cause it's all in my head

© 2006. SFD. All rights reserved.

Cold Hearted Misery

Written By: B. Wilson (Socan), K. Gowin (Socan)


Can’t you see that you wanted it to be this way?
Can’t you see that it always had to be this way?

It slipped away. I fall upon my knees
No saving grace
My twisted faith took all I had
And left me with no fate

In your eyes I can see your temper
Did you think it could last forever? Yeah.
Did you think we could start all over?
Nothing’s left but cold hearted misery

Live and learn
Confusion always gets the best of me
But from now on
To be alone
Is what will set me free

In your eyes I can see your temper
Did you think it could last forever? Yeah.
Did you think we could start all over?
Nothing’s left but cold hearted misery

© 2006. SFD. All rights reserved.


So Far Down (2006)
Six Feet Deep (2003)

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Set List

Cold Hearted Misery
She Said No
Little Girl
All In My Head
Angel Eyes
Take Back My Life
Just Leave
Snortin' Whiskey (Pat Travers Band)