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"SFD CD Release Party!"

I heard thuh Boss was at your CD Roll Out party and you guys totally rocked. Good on yah SFD!!!! Keep Rockin!!

Jeremy from WebRadio International on comments made by WebRadio Canada G.M. Mike O'Brien.
- WebRadio International


You know I love to spin your tunes! SFD ROCKS!!!! OMG WOOT WOOT you guys are AWESOME!!!!

DJ Tita-Bug
Powerhouse Rocks Radio & Cygnus Radio (USA)
- Powerhouse Rock Radio

"SFD rocks!"

We love you guys....SFD ROCKS!!!

DJ's Wally and "Y"
Cygnus Radio (USA)
- Cygnus Radio

"Horseshoe Tavern"

That was a great set at The Horseshoe yesterday. Nice to see a Toronto band keeping the rock flame burning. Lots of high-energy rock power, shades of some of the greats, Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Sabbath. Keep to your musical vision and rock on man.

Comment made by Ben Obina
SoundProof Magazine
Dec 6, 2006
- myspace

"Band Comes Home To Rock"

By: Chris Clay

December 10, 2008 09:19 AM - Mississauga band SFD finally has a chance to rock the hometown crowd, with a concert this Friday.

Guitarist/vocalist Brad Wilson, bassist Kevin Gowin and drummer Niall Mellors, who have been performing together for more than a few years, hit the stage at Executive Snooker Club's Lost Lounge. Show time is 8 p.m.

SFD released its debut EP, Six Feet Deep, in 2003 and followed it up with a second album, So Far Down, earlier this year.

Tracks from the album, including Cold Hearted Misery, Scream, Little Girl, All In My Head and Sorrow, can be heard by visiting www.myspace.com/sixfeetdeepband.

The band is working on its third studio album, with a tentative release date set for 2009.

Tickets cost $5 and can be purchased at the door.

When he's not fronting the band, Wilson is an on-air personality on Monday evenings as host of The Toronto Rock Radio Show on internet station K94 Rocks.

The show airs from 8-11 p.m., with a focus on the latest mainstream and independent rock, alternative and metal music from around the world, with an emphasis on the Toronto area and Canadian artists.

- Mississauga News

"Live Review: SFD @ Jaxx Concert Hall"

Live Show Review
SFD Live @ Jaxx Concert Hall (Springfield, VA)
September 15, 2007


S.F.D's 1st U.S. performance set the bar for every band last night INCLUDING KIX. They may have started the show, Kix may have ended it, but no matter who was on stage, the band, and everyone with them, no matter where they were in the venue, were constantly being questioned about the 5W's from inception, to present, and most importantly, "Where can I get your material?" as well as "When will you be back in the area?"

S.F.D. hails from Toronto, Canada. They are an incredibly talented 3 piece that at this point, will have no problem gaining access to more venues in the states.

Now, let me explain something. It's one thing to hear the material online, the radio, & hear it on CD, it's a completely different beast when you see these 3 gentleman, and I DO MEAN GENTLEMAN perform live. Everything you hear in the material is exactly what you get live, (and MUCH, MUCH, MORE), and the stage presence is bar none to any act I've seen in a VERY long time.

Brad is a helluva frontman, and watching the antics between Kev and Niall? HAHAH ya gotta see it to believe it! (Oh, word to the wise, when you see them front and center, make sure you're wearing a raincoat!) LOL (Those who have seen them already, know exactly what I'm talking about, and those that will be seeing them, you've been warned ;) )

Being a bassist, in this respect, I'm a bit prejudiced, (in a good way). I can honestly say that I FINALLY have had someone cross my path that has an extreme sense and passion in playability for the instrument. There isn't anything Kev can't do on a bass. From the moment I heard the 1st SFD song, I've wanted to see if his fingers flew like I'd pictured in my mind while listening. Seeing is truly believing, and damnit, it was BEYOND refreshing!

I don't think people understand when I try to explain that the instrument is the extension of one's physical being. You become ONE with it. Most people don't see it that way, they just play, and that's that. There's an intricate line that for some people, like Kevin, the line is, (for lack of a better word), "fused".

THIS is what I look for when I go to see live bands. You have to know your instrument, you have to have that clarity; be able to differentiate sound between instruments and voices. S.F.D. has all of these things.

One thing of note that stands out in my head from last night. We were talking w/ Ronnie of Kix before the show. The last thing he said to Brad was "Good luck with your band." I've been in this biz on all levels for quite some time. It has NOTHING to do with "luck". It has EVERYTHING to do w/ talent and skill. It has EVERYTHING to do with "making" your luck.
Even watching Evick from the time I met Pete years ago, sick as a dog at Harbor Sounds, to now... You don't get where you are without skill, talent, and busting your ass to get there, as well as having a team to "take care" of odds and ends allowing you to continue to hone your skills and talents.

S.F.D. set that bar last night, and IMHO, no one was able to cross it, even the headliner. They brought their A game to the states, and you can damned sure bet that they'll bring it every time they play, NO MATTER where they play.

Regardless of WHERE you live, MAKE THE ARRANGEMENTS to see these guys live! They may be based in Toronto, but after last night's performance, it wouldn't surprise me if LA, NYC, or ATL isn't on the map sooner than later.

They came for a showcase. There's backline info here as well, but until I'm privy by TLM, the wolf aint howlin'.... but seriously - be watchful and mindful of it! :)

Despite being invited back to the hotel, which I fully had plans to attend, my "responsible" side kicked in. I was supposed to have practice today, so I thought since I'd been out 2 night’s prior, getting home & some sleep would be the best bet so I could function for my own band. When I left the venue, I watched T,K, & B turn one way as I turned the other.

On the way home, kept kickin' myself in the ass while feeling this weird tug in my chest I haven't felt in quite a long time. It's a bad thing when yer sensible side kicks in, and you know you have to listen, though your heart and your passion is getting further away the farther you drive.

All I can say is SFD fucking rocks, and I can't wait for ya's to get back here!

I got the call this morning that it was canned til next week, which actually has pissed me off beyond belief. I could've had some more quality time w/ some of the most killer professional musicians in the biz, not only as musicians, but FRIENDS.

It was truly an honor and a privilege to meet, hear, watch, and hang w/ these guys. Tammy & Kathy - you fucking rock! Jay - THANK YOU!

P.S. Kev....Dude... We WILL be in touch :) ROCK! (And YES, toilet paper IS supposed to come off.
- DJ Str1ker, Cygnus Radio

"SFD in the Spotlight"

Review by Independent Music Spotlight - April 18, 2007 by Chrissie


Explosive lyrics and solid musical backings lead the charge for Toronto based trio, SFD. These three musicians have come together and are taking over their territories with awesome tracks such as Little Girl and Cold Hearted Misery. Hard work and determination are what you'll find when meeting with SFD. Their hard work is paying off as they have lined up a US tour to last pretty well throughout the next few months as well as making pitstops in Canadian cities in the Southern Ontario area. If you're in an area where SFD will be playing, check them out! I personally guarantee that you won't regret it. SFD has opened for acts such as Default and Marianas Trench when they played at Dirty's Lounge in Windsor, Ontario. I had the opportunity to check them out and they rocked the house down. Now being played on a variety of radio stations including internet radio (a full list is available for viewing on the band's myspace profile)...you will be hearing SFD more and more in the time to come!

SFD consists of three of the hardest working musicians in the Indie scene today. Brad Wilson, the band's frontman has a certain presence about him that makes it obvious to see that he is not only a frontman, but a true professional and exceptionally talented in all that he does. Kevin Gowin, the band's bassist offers a stage presence that is unique and truly exciting to watch... - Independent Music Spotlight

"SIX FEET DEEP / Indie Night In Canada March 11, 2009"

SIX FEET DEEP / Indie Night In Canada March 11, 2009

Booming and melodic, this band’s technical skills remind me of the true great metal bands of my heyday (no, I’m not saying when that was). Super tight and killer solos made this band a must-see.

- Zeke the Freak / Indielove.com
- - Zeke the Freak / Indielove.com

"Canadian Music Rocks / The Tub / SFD"

By Sherri Dubyts

Since forming the band three years ago, SFD has become an act that can work with the best; it's always been their goal to use the energy of their songs for the focus of their recordings and live shows. The energy the band delivers live is the largest focus for their fans. When that energy is there and the audience is clearly picking up on it, it's what they love most. To feel they've made a higher connection of some sort with people.

SFD is pure and simple rock. Most often they have been described as being somewhat like Led Zeppelin in style, especially in the way their songs can come across with such diversity, yet there is no beating around the bush with these guys. They are here to rock whether it is through a very hard sound or more of a ballad type song.

SFD's song Little Girl was a top 10 hit for the band last summer on CHEV RADIO AM 1390, and is now in rotation on many stations which include internet stations, but also a few FM stations, with more on the way. The song has also been picked up as the theme song for a new extreme outdoor television show that is currently being filmed. Little Girl was the most requested song on Cygnus Radio in 2006 and the song continues to gain momentum with new radio stations and is currently a big hit on JAPP Radio out of Jacksonville, FL. Brad Wilson (Lead vocals/guitar) was interviewed by JAAP Radio on March 30th. The interview was prompted after JAAP began receiving tons of email from around the world for SFD after Little Girl aired from only 1 week in rotation.

SFD has opened for label artists Default and Marianas Trench. The exposure of these shows has always been great and the band claims the response has been nothing short of amazing. For the band, seeing bands of major labels in action, how they operate, work the crowd, etc, is a great learning experience. Brad Wilson remarked that no matter how long you've been in the biz, there's always something new to learn.

Brad Wilson shared some advice with us for other artists trying to make it within the industry: "Stay true to yourself. Ignore all the remarks you will ever hear...they will either swell your ego to the point your head won't fit through the door or they will deter you from moving forward and make you constantly question your worthiness...instead, gage your success by what your heart tells you and by the number of supporters you have. SFD was once told by a very respectable industry person that our music would not be received well by today's young generation!" - The Tub Magazine

"Cathouse RnR Project Review"

February 22, 2008

(English translation)

SFD is a three man band from Toronto formed in 2002 thanks to their frontman, vocalist and guitarist Brad Wilson. You can enjoy this EP and listen to it again and again, because it’s strengthened by high quality songs, a bulky attitude and an interesting sound. You know, those guy are able to play a really true hard rock and you can breath it immediately thanks to Cold Hearted, an explosive music excerpt ready to grasp the audience with a lot of adrenaline. I think that the best song is Little girl, I’ve found it catchy, it has a melodic refrain and it’s underlined by a great vocal performance from Brad Wilson. The last song is called Sorrow, a perfect, classic image representation of melodic hard rock, definitely a nice track, able to give emotions. Well, now we have to wait to their album, meanwhile we can listen to this good work.
Let’s take a look at MySpace http://www.myspace.com/sixfeetdeepband web site SFDrocks.com

Cathouse RnR Project ITALY
- Cathouse Italy


So Far Down (2006)
Six Feet Deep (2003)

Available @:
Digitally distributed by Sony BMG / Musictrax and all other major digital distributors such as iTunes & Napster.

SFD On Radio:


CHEV RADIO AM 1390 (Markham, ON): SFD's Little Girl spent 18 consecutive weeks in the Legend Top 10 in 2006! www.CHEVRadioam.com

CILU (Kill U) 102.7 FM (Thunder Bay, ON): Blowing Up The Lakehead with Jason Wellwood, Monday nights all night long from 10 pm to 8 am @ www.LUradio.ca/

CFUR RADIO 88.7 FM (Prince George, BC) Listen on-line @ www.CFUR.ca.

96.3 FM Harley Radio (Salisbury, NC)

K-Rock 105.7 FM (Kingston, ON) Listen on-line @ www.krock1057.ca

KEIF RADIO 104.7 FM THE ROCKET (Enid, OK) Listen on-line @ www.EnidRadio.org

KRBS 107.1 FM / Rockin' The Nation with DJ Kelly (Oroville, CA) Listen on-line Wednesday, 10 pm PST @ www.live365/stations/krbs1

MHN Radio 88.8 FM (Mobile, AL): www.MHRradio.com

The UNDISCOVERED RADIO NETWORK (USA): www.undiscoveredradionetwork.com

KBRE in Merced, California
WOSC in Salisbury, Maryland
WEGW in Wheeling, West Virginia
WHBR in Parkersburg, West Virginia
WAMX in Huntington/Ashland, West Virginia
WAQX in Syracuse, New York
WTFX in Louisville, Kentucky




525.com Power Tracks (USA): www.525.com

CANADIAN MUSIC ROCKS (Canada): www.CanadianMusicRocks.com

CYGNUS RADIO (USA): Various shows including the SFD Power Hour every Tuesday on the Roc n Rye Show. www.CygnusRadio.com

DARK CLOUD RADIO (USA/Australia): www.DarkCloudRadio.net

DARK SHADOW RADIO (USA): www.DarkShadowRadio.com

DOMINATION RADIO (USA): www.domination-radio.com/news.php

FATCAT RADIO (USA): www.fatcatradio.com

FEARLESS RADIO (USA): www.fearlessradio.com

HARD ROCK RADIO LIVE (USA): www.hardrockradiolive

HARLEY RADIO (USA): www.HarleyRadio.com

HEADCASE RADIO (USA): www.headcaseradio.com

INDIE BOOM (USA): www.indieboom.com

INDIELIFE RADIO (USA): www.indieliferadio.com

INDIE OUTPUT (USA): www.indieoutput.com

INDIE TALENT (Canada): www.IndieTalent.ca/


JFL Radio (USA): www.JFLRadio.com

K94 ROCKS (USA): www.K94Rocks.com

MXMUSIC RADIO (USA): www.mxmusic.com

NEW MUSIC RADIO (USA): www.NewMusicRadio.net


Nvasion RADIO (USA): www.nvasionradio.com Sunday nights 5 to 9 pm.

POWERHOUSEMIX (USA): www.PowerhouseMix.com

RADIO ENIGMA (USA): www.RadioEnigma.com

RADIONC (USA): www.RadioNC.com

ROCK NATION RADIO (USA): www.rocknationradio.com

RUPTURED EARDRUMS (USA): www.RupturedEarDrums.biz

SCARLET RADIO (USA): www.ScarletRadio.com

SPIDER RADIO (USA): www.SpiderRadio.net

THE SCOTT AND PAM SHOW (USA): SFD's track Cold Hearted Misery charts at number 6 in the 2007 Top 10. www.myspace.com/scottandpamradioshow

VM UNDERGROUND (USA): www.v-m-u.com

WEBRadio CANADA: Part of the Canadian Web Music Alliance (CWMA) broadcasting across digital and Rf channels globally including the Canadian Music Channel and more @ www.WebRadio.ca

and many more...



Pure and simple, SFD is an explosive hard-rock trio that has been called everything from the “Hardest working band in the Indie scene” to the “Real Deal”. Often compared to greats Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, the band delivers a gut-wrenching, in-your-face wall of sound with songs that have meaningful lyrics that leave a lasting impression on the listener. Whether it’s one of their heavier songs or a charged up ballad, their music always displays a very personal side of the band that taps into their strong emotions about human life and social issues of the day. The intense energy the band delivers live is something that must be seen and has often left fans dazed and confused as to how a 3-piece band could be capable of delivering such a big sound that has resulted in humorous accusations by fans that the band hides another guitar player back-stage. As legendary engineer/producer Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, April Wine, Tea Party) once said after hearing the band’s track Little Girl, “This is one band I would really want to see live. You just know they would kick some serious ass”.

With their second release So Far Down in 2006, the band suddenly found themselves gaining in popularity all over the internet airwaves, being heard by scores of listeners and becoming one of the most requested bands on many of the major internet radio stations. “If you had told me that we would end up with the number 6 song for 2007 on the hugely popular syndicated Scott and Pam Show, or have the top requested song on Broadcast Asylum, reaching as many as 450,000 listeners per show, I would have said that’ll never happen,” says vocalist & guitarist BRAD WILSON. “We put our heart and soul into our music and sometimes we have this feeling like 'is it as good as it needs to be?' But to get both the fan and industry response we’ve received in the past couple of years validates everything for us. It gives us a good reason and motivation to keep forging ahead.”

SFD is fronted by vocalist and guitarist BRAD WILSON (Spacetramp Cowboy), who is backed by the powerhouse rhythm section of bassist KEVIN GOWIN and drummer STEVE SCOTT (Detox). In 2002, with original drummer Brian Smyth, the band quickly broke into the Toronto club scene. Gaining enough local interest they quickly removed the words “Demo” from their first release Six Feet Deep (2003) and began selling it at shows. After completing the sophomore record So Far Down in late 2005, Smyth left the band in pursuit of other musical interests and the two remaining members found themselves with a CD that was ready to be released but without a complete band. The addition of NIALL MELLORS, who was known for his explosive stage show antics with previous band Smeer helped propel the band forward and over the following two years and the band became a staple on various radio formats, was the Studio band for Daniel MacMaster (Bonham) and shared the stage with the likes of Default, Kix, Ill Scarlet and Marianas Trench as well as headlining numerous major venues in Canada and the U.S. After spending nearly two years solely focusing on the U.S. market which meant an absence from the Canadian music scene, the buzz was on again for SFD on their home turf after an appearance at Indie Night In Canada 2009 (Canadian Music Week - March 11, 2009) and the time had come for more change with the band welcoming new drummer STEVE SCOTT (Detox) to the fold, who breathes new life into the music and who will play a critical role in the bands new material which fans are saying is "Theory Of A Deadman meets Godsmack meets Tool with a bit of Metallica thrown in there for good measure!"

Since its release So Far Down has earned the band excessive amounts of airplay on internet, satellite and terrestrial radio. Their riveting track Little Girl was picked up as the theme song for a new television show and in early 2007 SFD also signed a deal with 509 Films that saw five of the band's tracks reaching a worldwide audience in the flick Vertical Ascent. SFD’s also found their way to the number 1 position on NumberOneMusic.com’s “Indie Rock Chart”. Not only did SFD beat out tens of thousands of other bands with this amazing achievement, but they also had an astonishing 8 songs in the top 20! The band is currently working on material for their third release while shopping for a deal. As Indielife Radio DJ “Wally-B” put it, “A record deal will be well deserved by the hardest working band I’ve ever seen in the Indie scene today. These guys deserve all the success in the world. SFD is a true role model for other bands and an inspiration to the music industry and its fans.”