Busekrus has been described as a hard working and upbeat band who loves what they do. They firmly believe that if you're not moving forward, your falling backwards, and there is no time to plateau. They work hard to earn their keep and they plan ahead to be sure that they will accomplish their goal


A hard working band, curiously named Busekrus (that's Boo-zee-cruise), has emerged with a sound that has audiences buzzing. Composed of members Marcus Busekrus (lead vocals/guitar), L.J. Busekrus (bass guitar/backup vocals), and Mike Jones (drums), this group has virtually exploded onto Hawaii's music scene over the past two years. Rocking more than 170 shows at 30+ island venues, they have enjoyed such highlights as performances at the Hard Rock Café, the Andy Bumatai Show and the world famous Pipeline Café, not to mention two whirlwind tours of the US Mainland West Coast in July of '08 and September of '09. Their explosive concerts never fail to turn heads, engage audiences, launch people out of their seats and suck listeners into their tasty combination of smart lyrics, catchy hooks, creative tunes and palpable energy.

Recently these gentlement have been graced with a 2009 Hawaii Music Award for Best Rock Album and a 2009 Scene Choice Award for Band of the Year. They have also just released their sophomore album on local label Pass-Out Records to much acclaim. And now with two mainland tours spanning a total distance of almost 10,000 miles (not including over 12,000 miles of airplane travel) under their belts, these boys are charging full speed ahead to reach their dreams.

Members of the Busekrus fan base enjoy such bands as the All-American Rejects, All-Time Low, Switchfoot and Jimmy Eat World. Yet, in spite of such influences, Busekrus has firmly established a style and sound all their own. Each member is committed to practicing until every note and beat finds its rightful place, to learning from any and all mistakes, and to honoring their loyal fans. These boys constantly seek to fulfill their goals as musicians, entertainers and businessmen. It's been said, "If you're not moving forward, you're falling behind." One thing's for sure, you won't find this ambitious trio sitting around waiting for something big to happen. They're too busy making it happen themselves.


One Heart Beats

Written By: Marcus Busekrus

If the afternoon came too soon,
well I would happily offer the night
Stretched across from here to the moon,
I’ve got your hand and I’m holding so tight
I’m offering, and you’re taking your time. It’s fine

Would you take her home tonight?
‘Cause I don’t want her to be alone
Would you take her home tonight?

I’ll pursue; will you let me chase?
‘Cause I don’t see any other way
Sand in our sheets. Our one heart beats.
Watch the stars as they turn into day

It’s all right, wont you take her home
And I know, this night will soon, too soon be gone

Around This Town

Written By: Marcus Busekrus

As she walks the lonely streets
And she knows them all too well
She can break my heart as long as it can beat
No competition can compete

We travel around this town
Seeking out the lonely ones
We travel around this town
Wait for the sun to come down

Optimistic as can be
And she knows it all too well
Now she wants to make and honest man of me
Could you let her, would you let her go

Paint a picture while you’re down again and out again
There’s no limit to the heat
If the sky should fall then I’ll be here. You count on me.
There’s no one you can’t defeat

I Will Not Be Gone

Written By: Marcus Busekrus

All the myths around you speak the truth
But starving ears they fear them
The prophets of our nation saying sooth
But we the people don’t hear them

The Man has come to save our souls
And we are sloth we pay his toll
I will not be gone, I will not take it
I will stand strong. I’ll not be shaken
And when the walls around you they fall

Will you arise and be awakened?

Greedy for the power surrendered we
They came, they saw, they conquered
We turned blinds eyes, sold our country
And We. We’ll have it no longer

And they know that we are here
And they know that we still care

I Don't Care About You At All / (Acoustic)

Written By: Marcus Busekrus

Eager to impress, to shadow all the rest
I’m not scared of you at all
So come and take me, I won’t make it hard

Why do I lie awake inside my mind
And I just can’t take it anywhere
Why do I lie awake inside my mind
And I just can’t take it anywhere from here

His words had came with a cost, love has left him lost
I don’t care about you at all
So come and take me, I won’t make it hard

Hit The Clutch

Written By: Marcus Busekrus

If I knew the future I would die and then relive it
From the time you let me inside,

You made me give it all for one ride.

I gave it all for one night

Hit the clutch, and I’m callin’ your name
You’re my crutch and I’m failing at this game tonight
In the process of repenting
The day you left me is never ending, I died

Sweetness, is that your real name? oh show me something new
Something I can take with me to the grave, where I die.

Would you save my life if I tried?


Written By: Marcus Busekrus

So you pin her up upon the wall
Cause she don’t know how far to fall I take mine on the rocks with Novocain You’ll never be the same again

Yeah, get up

Such a cowboy from the inner city
And he’s chewin’ on the nitty gritty
I want each of you to listen clearly
He wanna dance with you just oh-so nearly

But I don’t entertain for clowns
Don’t drop me once ‘cause then I’ll bounce Shake it like the stars cannot share the sky and the sun will never rise


Their first album, called "On The Rocks," is released on Pass Out Records 2008. Their second album, Welkin, also release on Pass Out Records (2009) features two songs that have received airplay and praise on a local Clear Channel radio station (the only mainstream rock station on the island).

Set List

Our goal is to write, perform and promote our original songs. If we perform at a dedicated music venue, we will only play our originals. We have up to 1hr of original music with our preferred set being 35 - 40 minutes and these songs** preferred

-One and Only
-Black Pearl
-Inquire Within
-Don’t Run
-She Said**
-All I Need
-When I Wake**
-Let me Love
-Take Me Home**
-Around This Town**
-One Heart Beats**
-Around This Town**
-We Are the Youth**
-I Don’t Care About You**
-Hit the Clutch**

However, in order to pay for tours and recording, we will do bar shows that require us to play covers. If we do a bar show, we will play up to 3 hrs of a mixture covers and originals.

Typical ones:
The Living End - Tainted Love (Soft Cell Cover)
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre – Nothin But a G-Thing
Goldfinger - 99 red balloons (Nena Cover)
Modern Englis