Sevilla, Andalusia, ESP
BandHip Hop

Sfdk are Rap.


Sfdk are one of the most important Spanish hip hop history and not just for the many prizes have been awarded to time but because the public is one of the most faithful to their concerts. After several tours in Spain and countries such as Chile, Mexico, USA, France, Germany ... are presenting his latest work "Siempre Fuertes 2 " which have confirmed their absolute positioning.

Recently published "Curriculum Vitae", a DVD-book compilation that collects all your recording career

-Platinum with her album
"2005" (Sfdk records 2005)
"National Music Award
2010 (best album Hip-Hop)
UFI-Award 2010 (Best Album
-MTV Europe (nominated best
Spanish artist 2010)


Siempre Fuertes 2 (Maxi 2010 )
Los Veteranos (Lp 2008)
Original Rap University (Single 2006)
2005 (Lp 2005)
Despues de...(Single 2004)
2001 Odisea en el lodo (LP 2003)
Desde los chiqueros (Single 2000)
Siempre Fuertes (LP 1999)
Llamalo como quieras (Single 1999)