Rome, New York, USA

S.F.M. is a straight up loud, intense rock n roll band. Forming in 2007 they immediately hit the club scene with an intensity unmatched by any other local band. Combining the hard rock attitude of Guns N Roses with the technical ability of Van Halen S.F.M. is ready for the top of the rock heap.


S.F.M. began in Upstate New York in 2007. Combining former members from the bands, 13 Steps to Nowhere and Falter, this band is an absolute rock n roll force. They played locally for 2 years and immediately developed a following that loved their heavy riffs and hook laden songs. The songs are heavier, the chorus's are catchier and they are ready for the road. There is already a growing buzz about this band's return as people around the state cannot wait to see these guys in action again. This is REAL rock n roll the way it's meant to be played.


S.F.M. self titled EP 2010