Soul Filled Tomorrow

Soul Filled Tomorrow


Soul Filled Tomorrow is a hard-rock band from Elizabethtown, KY. All four members are all from different musical backrounds but have come together to form their great sound. Along with great stage presents and catchy lyrics, they bring enough to the table to serve up an amazing performance.


Soul Filled Tomorrow (SFT) began in the beginning of 2006 when two class mates at Elizabethtown Community and Technical college (Todd and Derrick) struck a conversation that began with a simple piece of apparel, a wristband. Both of their musicial worlds collided when Derrick invited Todd over to jam in his basement to try things out. When Todd started striking a riff together, Derrick began filling in a beat along with his playing. After about two hours, the two musicians wrote a full tune and recorded it with Derrick's computer. Right then, they knew it was just fate for them to join forces, along with Steven and Kyle who come in later, to create the band.....Soul Filled Tomorrow.

Todd Wood, singer and guitar player for SFT, was raised in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and still lives there today after 24 years. He was influenced early in his life by bluegrass music leaning notes and scales on acoustic guitar. Todd has never learned to read music and has played his whole life by ear and sight. In high school, he experienced some friend's rock music and was heavily influenced by classic rock and later would switch to hard rock through early college. He has played in a handful of bands but never really felt the spark he feels as lead man for Soul Filled Tomorrow. His focus now is to better himself as a songwriter in the style he is playing and looks foward to collaboration with Derrick, Kyle, and Steve in the future or making the best music they can as a band.

Derrick Spruill, the drummer, was raised in a military family moving from place to place through out his younger years. It wasn't til about his 7th grade year that music would actually get into his life. He began by playing snare in his middle school band which expanded to playing a full set his freshman year of high school inspired by the church he was attending. Since then he has explored with many different styles of music and bands rangeing from jazz and blues to heavy and thrash metal. Also getting much experiance in performing in different towns and cities through the years. Making many friends and contacts from playing shows has helped Derrick make a good help for the band. If it wasn't for him going to college, he would have never collided musical worlds with Todd Wood in order to create a great partnership and friendship that would form Soul Filled Tomorrow.

Kyle Dusenbury, guitars, born in Cleveland grew up in Sacramento, Ca and finished high school in Elizabethtown. He started playing guitar at 13 and it consumed his life ever since. Early influences were based mostly off the Sacramento local music scene. He got a taste of the music lifestyle through guitar teching for the band Snappdraggin, who opened up for verious, now popular bands. After moving to elizabethtown, he started playing with a group of close friends for about a year. Things disbanded, however, when several members moved away for college life. After repeated requests from Todd, Kyle came to one of SFT's practices and things just soared. At that point Todd and Derrick were pretty comfordable with each others styles. Kyle tries to throw the cushion off from time to time, but it adds to the magic of SFT.

Steve Barr, bass, was raised in the small town of Webster, KY. As a child the only music in the house was country, so it wasn't until his seventh grade year that he discovered rock music, thanks to mtv. After two years of listening to punk music non-stop, he was introduced to the music of Primus by a friend. It was their music that inspired him to learn to play bass. It was during Steve's freshman year of high school that he met Derrick, they became friends, but musically their style differed. Steve played in several bands in high school, which honed his skills and helped him to grow as a musician. Years later, he met up again with Derrick in college and was asked to join up with SFT. His punk style adds to the energy of the band as well as diversity.

The thing that makes SFT different from most other bands is the lack of labeling the certain style of the group. All members have different styles and backrounds of which they were brought up into music, but somehow manage to combine them into one to create the diverse sound they put out. Only tomorrow holds what is in it for Soul Filled Tomorrow.


"Form of Life"(Demo) is out right with the tracks "Shove it Down" "No Regret" "Tight Rope" and "Descape". There are some samples on here but our myspace page has the full versions.

Set List

We can play up to an hour and a half with mostly originals and a few covers.

List Includes:
"No Regret"
"Tight Rope"
"Restless Angel"
"Shove it Down"
"Fly from the Inside" - Shinedown cover
"Held My Last"
"From Myself"
"Mudshovel" - Staind Cover
"Under the Structure"
...and a few more songs in the making...