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Sg Ink Is the Sound of the "Suburban Ghetto" an eclectic mix of Hip Hop,Rap,RnB,Rock,Dance,Reggae and much more. We are the first group to Showcase BOX MUSIC to the World. What is BOX Music?............stay tuned and listen.


SG Ink was founded on the Suburban Streets of Mississauga Ontario, to be more specific The Woodlands. The Woodlands notoriously known as Tha Woods would serve as the Breeding ground for many troubled youths and also Conrad"Grips"McRae.

Formally known as Rubber Grips, Grips began writing poetry at the early age of 8. This poetry would grab the attention of his teachers who encouraged him to read and write more. These early teachings would be the foundation in which Grips would begin laying his Bricks. In the early 90's the pop rock and Hip Hop culture influenced Grips into rapping and preforming.The "Thriller" album by Micheal Jackson would be the determing factor in the decision to pursue a career in Music. Grips quotes"It was at that time hearing Micheal Jackson that I truly fell in love with music". It would be many years later,and years of deveolpment with the help of producer friend Pama Sarai that Grips would put out his first Ep, called "PHO PHAT JOINTS" in Dec 1999. This would be the beggining of a series of events that will take you to the present.

After the release of "PHO PHAT JOINTS" Grips recruited fellow friend ST.Hill and Bugsy and formed the group THA WOODSMEN and released their first single "Shiver". "Shiver" was a huge success and subsequently dropped "Dis-Go" which recieved a vidoefact grant in 2003 and is still on rotation on MuchMusic's RapCity and Vibe .Shortly after Tha Woodsmen went on a hiatus unable to fully capitalize on their success . Grips set along to start something new and different. In 2005 came SG INK which means SUBURBAN GHETTO Ink. SG Ink is a Lifestyle Company that encompasses everything from music,fashion,movies,dance and art.
SG Ink the group consist of Grips the main producer,ST.Hill,Freeky T and Kody. The Group represents all facets of life, each artist bring a new refreshing view to music, and will be the first to showcase BOX MUSIC to the world. BOX MUSIC invented by Grips is a form of music that is the building block for innovation. It forces artists to think out the box when creating. What is BOX MUSIC? Picture a box, it has four sides, each side is a different genre of music but Hip Hop/Rap is always one side. The other three sides must include three other genres of music, like rock,gospel and R and B.
I could be subtle but it has to be there. That is Box Music, and that what SG Ink is bringing. Fresh untainted music from the SUBURBAN GHETTO, and remember The Suburban Ghetto includes all and excludes none.You live in it.


Video For Merry Go Round is on Much Music, Vibe, and Rap City
Sg Ink-Merrygoround,Rollin,Tipspell,
Pho Pat Joints
Tracks with Jesse Sidu in the U.K
We have Merrygoround on radio and streaming online worldwide.

Set List

Ou set can be anywhere for 30-60 min. We start out out with 'Mind on our Money" to "Don't Challenge me","Merryground" a freestyle session then to "Life Of Mine" and finish up with "Put your hands up"