Steven Gullett

Steven Gullett


Lyric driven acoustic songwriter with a rock/punk edge.


Steven Gullett has more than a decade’s worth of experience playing music, both as the driving
songwriter in glam/punk/rock n’ roll bands and as a solo performer. As a member of Freakstrobe,
Love Lies Bleeding, The Mystery Addicts, The American Static, & Snake Oil, Steven has shared the stage with Guided By Voices, Electric Frankenstein, Tyla, The Dead Kennedys and Hamell On Trial. Based in Dayton, Ohio, his bands have toured from coast to coast, making plenty of new converts along the way. But he has always returned to the brutal honesty of the acoustic stage, where songs live and die on their own merit.

“There’s something so raw & bare about one voice & one guitar that just can’t be beat,” he says.

His debut solo CD, “Cheap Reflections,” was recorded on 4 and 8 track machines, chronicling years of growth as a songwriter and performer. The result is a sparse but immediate sound. Steven’s rough vocals lay down beautifully with the thick sound of a jumbo acoustic guitar and spare electric overdubs.

After leaving The Mystery Addicts to pursue a solo carreer full time, Steven wrote, recored and released 3 more CDs from 2002-2006. A stripped down departure from his band releases, this material met with praise from critics, fans and fellow musicians alike.

Armed with a catalog of over 300 songs, Steven blurs the genres that try to define him — from Rock
to Ballads to Punk to Alt Country and aggressive Antifolk . The constant core among the diversity is solid, honest songwriting, melodic hooks, & intelligent wordplay spiked with a poet’s phrasing.

He’s also received airplay on Ohio radio stations WOXY, WYSO, WXEG & appeared on the
nationally televised “Daily Buzz” morning show on the WB network.

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Star Heartless Records


Cheap Reflections CD
Sad Like Marilyn CD
Songs About Them & Me & You CD
Nostalgia Poisoning CD
Dayton After Dark vol. 1, WYSO presents vol. 1 Compilations

w/ bands:
Freakstrobe - Angst & Color CD
Love Lies Bleeding - Under The Gloss CD
Love Lies Bleeding - Care Little Wrong split single w/ Nostromo
Mystery Addicts - Mystery Addicts 4-song EP
Mystery Addicts - Unluck & Shame CD
Mystery Addicts - Good Boys Don't Kill 7"
Snake Oil - Almost Acoustic Music CD
Snake Oil - WYSO presents vol. 2 compilation, Dogs D'Amour Tribute CD
The American Static - Amour, Espace, Temp CD

Set List

Mostly originals, a few covers including Rolling Stones, Dogs D'Amour, Dramarama, Peter Laughner. Heartbreakers, Ramones.