When Lithuania was entering the EU, it was SH who were featured in the NME with their deep guitar sound related to Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth and John Zorn. 20 years after the start in Kaunas underground and 10 years after the release of legendary album Supermeno uzkandziai, SH are back in original line-up.


SH are the legends of Lithuanian guitar music scene. Coming from the deepest underground of Kaunas city, the band stormed the Lithuanian music scene in mid-90s together with such acts as EMPTI and TURBO REANIMACIJA. Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as SONIC YOUTH, SMASHING PUMPKINS, LED ZEPPELIN and John Zorn, the early line-up SH were awed for their originality and non-conformist sound, but never managed to break big.
In 2001, the band released their new radio single "Sumaisyk mane su cukrum" (Mix me with sugar), remixed by London based Lithuanian producer Darius Zickus, and started rediscovering the live sound. The song won the nomination at local BRAVO (sort of Brit Awards) awards for "The Best Song of The Year", also SH were nominated for "The Best Rock Band in Lithuania" award at the popular radio station "Radiocentras" ceremony.

2002 - SH spent all year recording and promoting the material for their debut album "Supermeno uzkandziai" (we know it is unpronoucable, but it means something like "Snack of the Supermenan". Besides the giant Lithuanian hit "Sumaisyk mane su cukrum", the band blew the Lithuanian radios and TVs with their fastest hurricane rock up to date "Sulauzyk Saule" ("Break Up The Sun"), the Euro-ironic hit "Deja vu (Mes pagaminti Europoje)" ("Deja vu - We were made in Europe"), a classic Lithuanian cover "Praskrido Drambliai" ("The Elephants Flied By") and another ironic pastiche "Supermenas" (namely, "Superman" in Lithuanian ;).

It was another crazy year for SH, as the band changed 4 producers, with final mastering done in London by their fellow mate on exile from Kaunas Darius Zickus (whom they did not meet after 1992), who had done a superb job giving new qualities to the material.

2003 - SH started the year by appearing on the major Lithuanian awards show "Radiocentras 2003", lightning the otherwise sloppy and cheese atmosfere by their live double rifle shot "Cukrus / Sulauzyk Saule" and continued with introducing yet another radio single, an atmospheric "Gal" ("Maybe"). The band opened with some guitar noise driven (at last, again;) experimental shows with compatriots BIX and MOUNTAINSIDE.

April, 2003 saw the coming out of the (in)famous album "Supermeno uzkandziai". The final The band staged a scarily beautiful presentation for media and patients of Jasiuliskiu social care center / mental hospital, where also documentary material was shot. In the last week of April, the band took to the top of Lithuanian "Bomba records" sales chart for several consecutive weeks, the critics said it was the far best Lithuanian album for years, and the fans poured the website with (un)expected awes and thanks.

The night before the Euroreferendum saw SH opening the Gala concert at Vilnius Cathedral square for more than 30 thous hungry Lithuanians on one stage with the Presidents of the nation and all the rest of the mental Baltic elite! After the job was done, SH closed themselves in the studio again, playing only occasional gigs with a special bit of covers added to their usual set.
In September, 2003, SH played in a major Lithuanian tour supporting British poprockers CHUMBAWAMBA and several other acts. And on October 6 th, the new album "Supermeno remiksai" is releasead, featuring 10 remixes of "Supermeno uzkandziai" by leading Lithuanian producers and house outfits.



Written By: T.Senuta

1) Kartais atrodo – tu kosmoso skyleje
2) Ir panašu – ugnis ikalta i mane.
3) Kai mano smegenys pro gerkle lys
4) Ir kruvina liepsna pražys,
5) Panašu, kažkas išejo iš manes
6) Ir danguje kaip nuoruka užges
7) Ir aš nustosiu but suspaustas minioje,
8) Jos kumštis kyla, bet nesiekia manes.

1) Aš noriu pajusti triukšma tavyje,
2) Mažyti gera chaosa tavo širdyje,
3) Visai išnykti garso erdveje,
4) Visai išnykti garso erdveje...

9) Mano balsas pavargo, tavo ausys taip pat,
10) Balso stygos užkimo ir galvoj painiava.
11) Tu nori paimt mane visa iškart,
12) Sustot iliuziju pragare.

13) Užmerk akis iliuziju pasauly,
14) Pažvelk i dangu, kur saule danguje,
15) Emociju ratiluos išnyksta siela,
16) Išnyksta pabaiga, belieka vien pradžia...

Tomas “Senas” Senuta

Sumaisyk mane su cukrum

Written By: A.Kalytis&T.Senuta

Kur man ateit,
O tau išeit iki laiko,
Kur truksta miego

Ir jeigu bus sunku
ilgai neveikt,
sumaišyk mane su cukrum.

Ar gali ipust,
ipust man tos tylos?
Ša! Turi but gerai.
Ipusk man tos šviesos.

Kas aš esu? O tu buvai?
Pasidalinsim patirtim,
galbut kas nors iš to išeis.

Leisk paliest tave
Savo lupomis.
Man dideles jegos nereik,
Bet tavo skonis toks stiprus.

Ar gali ipust,
ipust man tos tylos?
Ša! Man niekad neskaudes.
Ipusk man tos liepsnos.

Mane gali pakeist tik dienos šviesa,
Bet sumaišyk mane, jei esi cia.
Susileist i širdi aš padet galiu.
Man nuo to gerai, kad neskaudu.

Aš atejau,
O tu dar ne.
Nejau mieste miegosiu vienas?
Bet juk taves cia dar nera.

Gal dar rugšties
šiek tiek palaukt?
Žydras akis užpyle pienas
Ir man reiketu jas nuplaut.

Sumaišyk mane su cukrum.
Man niekad neskaudes.
Sumaišyk mane su cukrum.
Žinau tai tau pades.
Sumaišyk mane su cukrum.
Man niekad neskaudes.
Sumaišyk mane su cukrum.

Mane gali pakeist tik dienos šviesa,
bet sumaišyk mane, jei esi cia.
Susileist i širdi aš padet galiu.
Man nuo to gerai, kad neskaudu.

Mane gali pakeist tik dienos šviesa,
bet sumaišyk mane, jei esi cia.
Susileist i širdi aš padet galiu.
Man nuo to gerai, kad neskaudu.


1995 EP 'Sh & Empti'
1996 EP 'Duisburg EP'
2003 CD Album 'Supermeno uzkandziai'
2003 CD Remix Album 'Supermeno remiksai'