Shabaka's music delivers authentic Roots Rock Reggae and powerful African Soca. His songs have a sweet blend of guitars, horns and rhythms that draw from elements of the Black diaspora. Visit for more info.


Freddy Shabaka is from Freetown, Sierra Leone. He has had 2 major hits in his country "Dem nor wan dance" and "Goombay Jamming". His music ranges from African Soca to Roots Reggae. If you are a fan of the reggae era of Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Third World et al, you will love Shabaka's music. Shabaka's music is well produced and tightly arranged with powerful lyrics and a strong message. However, sometimes Shabaka just wants to have a good time. The songs are thoughtful with an impassioned message. The strength and richness of Shabaka's vocals, the soulfulness of his voice and the power and passion in which the songs are delivered are a treat to all who listen. The music has diverse elements with a touch of a brilliant rock guitar, a deep and driving bass kept in check by the drums and an array of African percussion. It is topped off with sweet and simple horn and string arrangements. As reggae makes its way into the mainstream, Shabaka will usher in a new chapter of roots reggae that will continue to capture the imagination of reggae and world music lovers all over.



Set List

I normally open up my show with a nice roots session starting with "The Truth","See dem a come","Refugee Camp","African Spirit","Mr Jackson" I then cool things down with a 3 song Love session
"After we talk","My Girl" and "She's Gone"
I pick up the pace with "African Rock" which is an uptempo roots rock reggae song like Marley's jammin
I end the show with a 3 song African session, "Do you wanna jam",'Dem nor wan dance","Goombay Jamming". These songs have uptempo rhythms and percussion. 2 of the songs were #1 hits in my home country of Sierra Leone.