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The best kept secret in music


"Nightflying Review"

"[shack] has a marvelously wry sense of humor that sometimes borders on silliness, but then silly has its devotees and is a hard force to master....They’re good songs, whether somber or silly, and make [gypsy heart] a well-crafted and most enjoyable collection of eclectic musicality.
-Doug Treadway Nightflying November, 2004 - Doug


Derek Shacklett covers many different genres on his debut release as Shack (yet his fifth in total). Pop, country and MOR are all tackled well, while ‘Fatter (Than I Want to Be)’ proves that Shack has a self deprecating sense of humour. In fact, this record is an above average release across all eleven tracks. 6 out of 10. - DW

"Shack's Gypsy Heart from All About Town"

“When I first heard shack’s album, Gypsy Heart, I thought it sounded like some contemporary pop album by some nationally known artist, not some guy hanging around Fayetteville, AR! The songs are infectious and memorable. The production makes an aging baby-boomer like me want to rock n roll!"
-Emily Kaitz, singer/songwriter/reviewer for - Emily Kaitz

"Kelly M of Still on the Hill"

“Shack’s new CD, Gypsy Heart, manages to combine pop sensibility and honesty-a rare combination indeed! Overflowing with catchy melodic ideas, skillful arrangements, and excellent vocals, it is still Shack’s personal vision and point of view that rises to the top. It is a beautiful CD that will likely dominate your player for a good long while!”
-Kelly Mulhollan, Still on the Hill - Personal Quote

"Ezra of Trout Fishing in America"

"What can I say? I'm a fan. I loved [shack's] Gypsy Heart, and I can't wait for him to put out another CD."

-Ezra Idlett, songwriter/musician of Grammy Nominated folk duo,
Trout Fishing in America - personal quote


Gypsy Heart on Love-o-rama Records October 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Derek Shacklett, the artist known simply as "shack", did not assume the moniker because of a love for basketball, but simply wanted to be known as his father's son. As a grade school teacher in a small Northwest Kansas town for over thirty years, Quinton Shacklett was known by the nickname "Shack" for much longer than a certain huge athlete. Now, shack, the singer/songwriter in Northwest Arkansas, wears the lower-cased name because it's short, memorable and homage to his father.

Re-locating to Northwest Arkansas in 1998, Derek eventually began making connections and building relationships with an informal group of songwriters who meet regularly to share songwriting exploits at the coffee shop, Arsaga’s in Fayetteville. At about this time, he also realized that his songwriting was changing and broadening in both lyrical and stylistic content and shack, the-artist-formerly-known-as-Derek Shacklett, was born.

Shack, billed as a solo performer, sings, plays acoustic guitar and has been known to occasionally bring a long a keyboard and/or accordion. Rarely does he perform without his wife, Holly, on background vocals and percussion and lead guitarist, James Powers. The coffee shop performances are distinctive in their casual, light-hearted atmosphere and mix of shack's original songs with a wide range of known to obscure covers performed in shack’s unique fashion.

Shack aspires to write and perform songs best described as "folk/pop" by integrating the lyrical and storytelling craft of folk music with the hooks and "fun" of pop music. His recent songwriting has seen its own recognition by receiving 3rd place with two different songs in two different categories in the Oklahoma Songwriters and Composers Association's One-Plus-One Songwriting Contest in 2001. Another song, "The World Around Me", which was partially inspired by shack's relocation to NW Arkansas, recently received Honorable Mention in the International John Lennon songwriting contest.

Recently, shack was chosen to receive an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Arkansas Arts Council in recognition of his songwriting and artistic endeavors. His newest collection of original songs, Gypsy Heart, was released in October of 2003 with great reviews from the acclaimed local songwriting community in Northwest Arkansas.

In May of 2005, shack received the NAMA Award (Northwest Arkansas Music Awards) for Best Singer/Songwriter. He continues to play locally while working on new songs for his next CD and producing for other artists.