Middletown, New York, USA

Shack is a reggae/rock band from Orange County, New York. The foursome is fronted by vocalist Shannon Gough who stands out as one of the best local talents and brings every venue alive with her strong tone and high energy. Their first release, Bulldozer, is a mix of four unique energy driven tunes.


Shack is an independent reggae/rock fusion band based out of Middletown, New York. The band was established in 2006 when Billy Hluchan, Garrett Detemple, and Greg Brushett formed a trio. While they polished their reggae groove they knew that they had a missing link. “We always thought that getting a good singer would separate us from your average college band and bring us to that next level,” Hluchan said. Lead singer, Shannon Gough, completed the foursome with the addition of her raw, melodic vocals during the summer of 2009.

In February 2010, the band began recording their first release, a four song EP called Bulldozer, which came out on iTunes in July 2010. The album was recorded at American University in Washington, DC, where Hluchan is a music Major. The four songs provide listeners with a variety of reggae influenced sounds from "Curtain Call" a Rebelution type clean reggae, to "Splinter" a ska influence heavier tune that includes horn parts written by Hluchan.

"Sunday Afternoon," Shack's first single, enjoyed success on peaking at the #1 overall song for over a week. It was the #1 Reggae/Ska song for over three months.

Shack plays a mix of original and cover songs live. They cover groups from No Doubt and Sublime to The Police and The Jackson 5. Each cover song is altered to a unique reggae/jam band style that you won't find in any other college band. Shack's tight sound and high energy performance draws every crowd in. There's never a dull moment at a Shack concert!


Sunday Afternoon

Written By: Brushett, Detemple, Gough, Hluchan

As I lay there dreaming of a sweet Sunday afternoon.
Warm thoughts in my head as I lay in my bed
thinkin’ ‘bout what he said, about what he said.
And everyone knows, we come and we go
Exit like actors from the stage but from
What I can tell be it heaven or hell with your face in my mind
I’ll laugh at the shadows.

I know memories fade and time goes on
But my heart beats still whenever you are gone

And I know you’ll be there with the sun in your hair
As we fade to black.
With our backs to the walls and our hearts on our sleeves
Laughing ‘cause we’re too proud to believe in fate.
‘cause we’re too proud to believe.

I know memories fade and time goes on
But my heart beats still whenever you are gone

Laying there with the sun in your hair.
With the sun in your hair

I know memories fade and time goes on
But my heart beats still whenever you are gone


Bulldozer - EP (release July, 2010)