Shackle Jack

Shackle Jack


Shackle Jack has been described as “a rowdy, good-time, make-you-want-to-pound-a-few-brews rock 'n' roll band”. Believe it? Strap on your drinking boots on and come see for yourself.


In the historic region of Yorkshire, England, “Jack in Irons” is said to lurk the sullen alleyways and lonely roads, forever in search of his next unsuspecting victim. Jack’s hulking body is cloaked with the chains of his imprisonment and garnished with the heads of his prey. Clutched in his hand resides a spiked club that thirsts for blood and inflicts punishment on those that cross its path. His rage is the product of a life of captivity and enslavement and every soul collected brings Jack one step closer to freedom.

Thousands of miles away in Holland, Michigan resides an equally brooding creature known as the music of Shackle Jack.

Its ten to midnight on a Saturday night in Michigan. Cigarette smoke looms over a full bar of music fans, eagerly anticipating the next band in the lineup. Those that have seen this band before are quickly finishing their drinks and making their way to the front of the stage. The others may not be fans yet, but chances are that’s about to change.

The lights dim and the background music fades as four shadows take the stage. Sporadic cheers ring out as each band member assumes their position and readies their weapon of choice. This is the calm before the storm. Anticipation reaches its peak. Finally, with the click of the drumsticks, the assault begins. The lights turn on to reveal the hard rock/heavy metal quartet, Shackle Jack.

Shackle Jack has been described as “a rowdy, good-time, make-you-want-to-pound-a-few-brews rock 'n' roll band”, and that’s just the way they like it. Jesse Davis owns stage right as he bangs his head as fast as he can, all the while maintaining his complex combination of “pop, slap and finger” bass technique. To his left, “The Bus Driver” Justin Glover, thrashes his 4 piece drum kit with the fury and power of a small army. Wood chips scatter like confetti off his sticks as he navigates a series of multifaceted drum lines with ease. Stage left is all power as Dustin Rea’s amp tries to keep up with his onslaught of metal inspired guitar riffs. His melodic but technical solos are as much fun to watch as they are to listen to as he bends and picks all of his seven sweat-soaked strings. Buddha feels right at home as he governs center stage with a low-sprawl stance and a voice of raw, versatile power. The intensity in his eyes tells the whole story. This band plays not just because they want to, but because the need to.

Shackle Jack was born in December of 2004 in a basement in Grand Rapids, Michigan when four guys got together for an audition. Each had their own personal reasons for being there, but they shared one common goal; to start an all-original, no B.S., ass-kicking band that could entertain a wide spectrum of music fans. Since that day, the band has surprised even itself by achieving every goal it has set out to accomplish. In under a year and a half Shackle Jack has been extremely ambitious, playing around 75 shows in their region in addition to a 3 day showcase in Las Vegas for the Fremont Street Experience as a headlining act. On top of that, they found time to record and release their self-produced, full-length debut album, “Jack in Irons” featuring fan favorites like Depths of the Damned, Full Metal Racket, The Rules and Take a Number. For most bands, a schedule like this could lead to strain, bickering and even possible breakup. For Shackle Jack it has been a positive experience, creating a family-like camaraderie that is evident at each and every live performance.

In the beginning, Shackle Jack set out to write songs for the audience. Hindsight proves 20/20 as they now realize they have been writing songs for themselves all along. Shackle Jack provides a therapeutic solace for each member to release the aggressions that can come with every day life. Songs like Farther and Helpless spawned from recent tragedies, and were created almost out of necessity as certain members coped with their losses. Full Metal Racket and The Rules were created in tribute to the United States military personnel and the sudden death of “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott of Pantera. But, Shackle Jack isn’t all doom and gloom. Other tunes like Hard Rock Man, Hellride and The Righteous Sound celebrate the rock and roll lifestyle and their love for this band.

Like the fabled “Jack in Irons”, this band is an insatiable monster with an unquenchable thirst. Tenacity and dedication are their key characteristics and will prove to be the vital ingredients to the future success of this up-and-coming rock band. The next time you find yourself in a dark alley or a dark, smokey bar in America, keep your eyes peeled because you never know what may be lurking in the shadows ahead.

Detroit, MI

Quincy, MI

The Body Art Gallery
Ludington, MI

Redford, MI

The Center
Ionia, MI

The Club Soda
Kalamazoo, MI

The Corner Bar
Kalamazoo, MI

The Elbow Room
Ypsilanti, MI


Depths of the Damned

Written By: Buddha

Many men have met their maker
From Superior’s gusts and gales
And deep beneath her silver surface
The wrecks still tell their tales

“Full ahead power towards shore!”
“This vessel, she can’t take much more!”
“And we’ve many miles until land
But only feet to the depths of the damned!”

November brings the witch’s temper
Like Poseidon of the seven seas
Many crews have tried to tame her
But fell victim to her expertise

From Whitefish Point to the Apostle Islands
You can hear the whispers of these sleeping giants
Forever a slave to the icy grave
In the depths of the damned beneath the waves

Up and down, those Northern shores
The lighthouse keepers, thrive there no more
No matter, when November comes
Even the finest succumb
To the depths of the damned

Take a Number

Written By: Buddha

I can get so angry
I’m chomping at the bit
‘Cause in this universal puzzle
I’m a piece that doesn’t fit
I’ve got a tight-knit crew
And I love them so much
But in the evening time
I need that delicate touch
I’ve walked too many miles
In another man’s shoes
I’ve got blisters on my sole
And my toes are tearing through
I guess it’s just about that time
To take a number and get in line

Take a number
Get in line

I use my voice like a weapon
But I fear I’m shooting blanks
I’m like an eighteen-wheeler
With no diesel in the tanks
It takes a dedicated woman
To fill me back up
But once my engines running
Baby, try to keep up
I’ve told too many lies
Done too many crimes
I’ve never been convicted
Came close a few times
I guess it’s just about that time
To take a number and get in line

Full Metal Racket

Written By: Buddha

I’m in my tungsten-steel military mobile
Ain’t got but one thing on my mind
Better see the enemy before he sees me
Locked and loaded and it’s killing time
One plus three plus seven makes eleven
Yeah the body count is on the rise
At home a school teacher, but here a grim reaper
My family’d never recognize

My M-16
And my service pistol
Will keep me company
While I pray for peace
I will prepare for war
‘Cause I’m a military man
And I’m kicking down your door

My ear drums are humming, they never saw it coming
Chalk up another victory
‘Cause when my squads on a mission, better call the mortician
He’s about to hit the lottery
My trigger finger steady, Marines are born ready
Heart, soul, body and mind
So if you’ve got the stones to be a hero
Go on and sign the dotted line


"Jack in Irons"
Released July 8,2006
Label: None
Produced by: Shackle Jack

Track List:
1. The Rules
2. Helpless
3. Farther
4. Depths of the Damned
5. Asleep at the Wheel
6. The Righteous Sound
7. Six Feet Deep
8. Take a Number
9. Bitter End
10. Full Metal Racket
11. Hellride
12. Split Decision
13. Hard Rock Man

Shackle Jack has had great success in the streaming radio arena with tracks like Depths of the Damned, Take a Number, and Full Metal Racket.

Set List

Shackle Jack's typical set list is designed for 45 minutes, with as little "stop and chit chat" time as possible. When allowed, Shackle Jack can rock for over an hour. That time increases with every new song thats completed. Shackle Jack is an all original rock band and does not currently play any covers. On average, the band can fit in 10 high energy songs in a standard 45 minute set.