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It seems fitting that "Shad" is this MC's title on and off the mic, as what you see is what you get with this unique, down-to-earth talent from London, Ontario. Witty and creative with the mic and the guitar, Shad is quickly gaining acclaim as a crowd-pleasing artist on stage and on record.


Shad (Shadrach Kabango) is a bright, up-and-coming emcee from the unlikely city of London, Ontario.

In August of 2004, Shad emerged emphatically onto the scene during the annual Rhythm of the Future unsigned talent competition put on by 91.5 FM “The Beat” -- Kitchener/Waterloo's most popular urban music station – winning 1st prize in the solo male category. The contest, judged by esteemed representatives from Universal Records and the Canadian Urban Music Association, awarded each winner an impressive prize of $17 500 to be put towards recording time and resources. In the following months, Shad worked diligently to oversee all aspects of his independent debut release, entitled When This Is Over, while completing the final year of his undergraduate degree.

Shad’s debut has already garnered rave reviews for its honest and clever lyrics and its distinct musical aesthetic from such well-respected publications as NOW magazine, Exclaim, Eye Weekly, and the Globe and Mail.

The young rapper currently maintains a healthy schedule of performances to promote the new album. His reputation a performer has grown rapidly based on recent sold out shows in London and Toronto, and impressive opening spots for such artists as Common, Kardinal Offishall, Sadat X, Classified, and others. His engaging and dynamic performances showcase an energetic live personality, entertaining freestyle skills, and the unique ability to play guitar and rap simultaneously. Most recently, Shad's on-stage abilities were lauded at the 2006 Canadian Music Week Festival, where his showcase performance received a score of 96 from the influential Chart Attack magazine CMW report cards - the second-highest rating of any artist in the festival.

With increasing buzz surrounding his surprising debut record and memorable performances, the future certainly appears bright for this charismatic and creative emcee.


I’ll Never Understand

Written By: Bernadette Kabango and Shadrach Kabango

(B. Kabango)
The killers
You’ve invaded my nights
Singing your haunting lullaby
Drowning other voices
Sending me to sleep

You’ve awakened me many mornings
Like an unexpected alarm
Shattering my dreams
I’ve talked to you in tears and anger
Spat on you in rage
Whispered to you in sorrow
Tied you in chains
Thrown you in jail

I’ve pulled you out
Asked you many questions
Knowing there would be no answers …

(S. Kabango)
I’ll never understand how flesh being torn apart feels
Or how after all this suffering a heart heals
On the rich green fields where they killed old and young
Cold and numb, under the light of a golden sun
It still stuns, tell me what possesses man
To, in anger, raise his hand?
I’ll never understand …

(B. Kabango)
I tied you in chains
Again and again, round and round
Until the chains, in my dizziness
bound me to you
you and I becoming one!
Bound by the chains of hate
I knew then the choices to make…

(S. Kabango)
I’ll never understand how it felt
when my mom lost her dad
her sister and the only brother that she ever had
and I’ll never know what’s more sad
the fact they could’ve been spared
or the fact that to this day nobody cares
for the innocent
victims of a full-fledged holocaust
because folks only holler if the cost
of dollars lost is high
so regardless of the number of lives
when poor blacks die
they always turn a blind eye
and I’ll never understand why…

(B. Kabango)
I untied the chains
Letting go

Of those who converged on my dad
leaving him dead

I untied the chains
Letting go

Of those who propelled the grenade
Scattering my brother’s brains

I untied the chains
Letting go

Of those who knifed my sister’s throat
Leaving her begging for a better death

I untied the chains
Knowing the one who said to do it
Seventy times seven
Totally understands the depth of my pain …

(S. Kabango)
I’ll never understand how people can go on and live
The miracle of finding the strength to forgive
To resurrect peace, to close up wounds so deep
they pierce souls beneath heart beats
To be a willful slave to a loving God’s commands
The key to a freedom that I’ll never understand

Out Of Love

Written By: Shad

V1 -
Now I’m supposed to be cool under the collar
A student of the dollar
A proven scholar in a school of commerce
A dude whos smooth and stalwart
Who’ll never lose his calm or
Drool and slober like a fool
And fall for a doll like Julia Roberts
But still they get to me
Like destiny’s child don’t drive me wild
Intellectually, but they fresh to see
I guess I’m being a misogynist
And I acknowledge this
The problem is
I just don’t see all girls as goddesses
‘cause so often of them I think less
Like Princess, why’s this silly pseudo-pimp
Pressed against your pink dress?
When he drinks Ex, does his stink breath impress?
Cuz he has no genuine interest and he only thinks sex
Not your heart, soul, or IQ - and why do I know this?
Oh miss, I try boo but I’m a guy too
And so I’m qualified to say
That what a lot of guys display
Are just some hollow lies devised to get play
But I wont apologize ‘cause most of ya’ll ain’t slow chicks
With no wits, so when a pro approaches you should know this
It’s easy decoding the motives of these horny guys
You’re roses but the thorns you expose keep me torn inside
And keep me writing poems devoted to my corny side
So I’ll probably still be home with my folks when I’m 45
But… I’m Out of Love …

V2 -
So I’m not quick to give props to cute
Chicks though they’re hot ‘cause dude
The awful truth is when it comes to love
They ain’t gots a clue
Like how does Pretty Woman constitute a romance?
Some old that’s got some loot knockin’ boots with a prostitute?!
So homie don’t be lead astray in any way
When women say they want a man
they mean a wallet and a wedding day
still them girls with extensions in their hair
and pretentious inner wear
they leave me all defenseless in their stares
but they don’t care for my attention
which is senseless ‘cause I swear
that there’s no need to mention
good intentioned men are scarce
I want a Clare Huxtable …
I want a Clare Huxtable ya’ll!
See if I had a Clare Huxtable I’d tell her shyly
I’m like the letter “q” – no where without you (‘u’) beside me
Now I won’t make this any cheesier
Maybe I don’t hate ‘cause they’re sleazier
But simply ‘cause that way it’s easier
I’m scared to fail so
Even if the chick has got a halo
And a fat tail like J. Lo
I’ll still lay low
This frail soul has only got his pride to protect him
So I’ll deny a connection instead of vie for affection
Plus we finding to soothing to mock the short skirts
‘cause that length tends mirror our sense of self-worth
Sometimes, instead of being free from these confines
It’s safer to stay disgruntled and just pummel dumb minds
With punch lines, without discretion or respect to give ‘em
‘cause a good offense is the best defense … mechanism
I’m out of love…

V3 -
So I don’t feel like telling ya’ll to
Throw your hands in the air
And wave ‘em all around ‘cause I just don’t care
I’m a sharp jerk who keeps his heart’s hurt
Buried deep beneath this smart smirk
And in parts of my darker artwork
My partner’s out there but we ain’t together still
So I better build with someone ‘cause I doubt that we ever will
And if I never feel love at least I’ll never cry
If only fools fall, guess I’m a pretty clever guy
For never trying and just voluntarily stayin’ solitaire
‘cause in all sincerity who wants to marry me?
I’m callous and cold and I’ve grown distant
‘cause most sistren only talk to me
when their man won’t listen
the world’s a stage but not everyone acts right
at the club I’m seeing more tricks than a half-pipe
now I’ll never diss a sister or call one a slut whore
but some honnies is hard-headed like Mt. Rushmore
I’m sorry I swore I won’t bash
But if they treat ya like a substitute teacher
It’s probably ‘cause you got no class
Now hold fast, every woman’s a queen
If you’re as lost as I am then you’d know what I mean
I’m out of love…
This is out of love …

I Get Down

Written By: Shad

Big ups to 91.5 live from cold k-dub
Just reminding all my guys in the world to stay up
Never had to spray slugs so I don’t play thug
Or try to fit with the killers like O.J.’s glove
Still cats love to see me like their own pay stubs
Out to create buzz
know that s.k. can shake clubs
like car thieves or golfers
crazy compulsive
cold killer so ill
I’m giving competition ulcers
Fierce frenetic poetic pierce the pathetic plagues
My powerful prophetic poetics penetrate
This renegade relic raps rugged and demonstrates
How to scoop honnies with nothing but that angelic face
Aesthetic-based waste get shredded, I set it straight
For the hapless half-wit homies that hesitate
The hellagreat, elevated skills you celebrate
Practice??? Kid ive been this ill since seventh-grade
I dedicate this to my sis and the crew
Thanks for coming out but the competition is through
I get down …

All the suckas and frauds with soft stamina don’t trouble me
Duck or I’ll damage ya on camera publicly
When I utter these subtleties
Brother please
I’m the biggest thing out of Canada since Pamela’s double-d’s
Colleagues and critics all apply the accolades
To apply describe how my flyness fascinates
I activate the part of me
That advocates the artistry
The slick, sharp tongue
That would lacerate your arteries
Like an axe to the heart
Hackin’ apart cats lackin’ the smarts
Cuz I’ve mastered the art
I synchronize my syndicate
For rhyme syncopation
Even skits that I improvise
Sit in syndication
Let my sinful syntax and simple grin flash
‘cause dimes fall victim when my dimples impact
Cats listen close for quotes or vibe to it
I school dudes and make guys students of my music
The dumb sound dopest with their mic lines muted
While my iq is so high you couldn’t fly to it
I get down …

My language is used
To bruise and stick damages to
Other bands and their crews
While all their slick managers do
Is just bandage their wounds
This man is just too sick for Canada’s amateurs
I make em dudes do flips like coin tosses
When I rip mics like loin clothes
Stripped off a groin
Join the clik or get going
Kid your showing softness
I cross kids like Hot Sauce does
While imposters talk and jock like Bob Costas
This colossus is so pompous it’s preposterous
I’m always jamming like Peter Tosh’s rastas
Getting the thoughtless tossed quicker
Than The Moffats in a mosh pit, homes
I get down like acrostic poems
My resources hold more forces
Than the torque on 400-horse Porsches
I contort, twist and torch kids
With my oral orifice
Til these dorks is nothing more than some scorched corpses
I get down …

It’s like I’m squeezing a glock
When I creep in the spot
People get shot back
Freeze and then flop, breathe and then stop
The way I leave em in shock
Forget radio – they play my flow on (Ripley’s) “Believe it or Not”
But I still don’t own the keys to the drop
Leasin to cop the beach with the yacht and don’t forsee reaching the top
But that’s cool ‘cause I’m frequently jocked from speaking this talk
Plus on the streets I get props
Well before I leave peace to the blocks
Where my people still beef with the cops
And get beaten a lot, it needs to get taught
And ask Kanye, Jesus can walk
Already reach for the rock, not the heat to get cocked
Releasing the shot, ending a life
No need for the pop
Ya heard? like sheep with the flock
I get down


-- TM Juke - "Melodic Stroll" - 12" Single (Released on Tru Thoughts Records 2004 - performed with the group "Bread and Water")
-- Shad - "When This is Over" (Released Independently in June 2005)
-- Shad also appears on Mumbles "Strictly Undergound" Compilation (October 2005), and the "Queen Aritzia" Winter Compilation 1 (December 2005)

Current Radio Singles: "I Get Down" (When This is Over 2005). In rotation on 91.5FM in K-W, 106.9 in London, occasional play on 94.9FM in London, 88.1FM and 105.5FM in Toronto, and CHUO in Ottawa, CBC radio Canada

Set List

1. Real Hip Hop intro
2. Wild
3. Rock To It
4. Music is the muscle
5. DJ - turntablism routine
6. I Get Down
7. Out Of Love
8. Accapella verse
9. Keep Your Hearts Warm
10. Compromise
11. A Story No One Told
12. Freestyle

45min set