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"Band defies local hardcore sound in pop creation"

"We have to be tighter, and more aggressive on stage. There's no room for mistakes in a three piece, especially if you're doing pop music."
The music of Niagara Falls band Shade is grown up, but it's still a lot of fun.
The band members, all in their 30s, are veterans of the live music scene in this area, having performed in bands throughout their teens and 20s. Their music is happy British-influenced rock 'n' roll.
This three-part music-maker is made up of Nick Phillips (Vocals/Guitar), Paul Eppler (Bass), and Jason Gautier (Drums).
Shade visited the news@niagara our newsroom at Niagara College for a session in the school of rock. Vocalist Nick Phillips and bassist Paul Eppler joined n@n in Welland, sat down with me discuss their music, and the condition of the music industry.
Phillips says Shade's music is "contrary" -- in the to Niagara region -- to the music of the day. He says he writes what he wants and doesn't want to sound like anyone else. Yet somehow, everyone manages to sound like everyone else anyway.
"Everything is repetitive," Phillips laments. "I think people get stuck on something and they're afraid to expand see what's out there."
People do tend to jump on band wagons. "It's really popular so, oh, I'll like them too!" he says, referring to what could be described as a sheep-like mentality of follow the loudest leader.
It's not like the kids are getting too many options from the big music distributors. "There's a lot of talent out there," Eppler says, "but [record executives] are playing it safe today. They don't take a chance as much as they used to."
He continues: "A bunch of kids get into a sound ‹ [the record executives] exhaust it. Before, a band might have a lifespan of 10 years. Now it might be three years." "I think it does hurt the music industry because the music doesn't have the chance to mature," Eppler explains.
Phillips hopes Shade can make in it five years. Success, he says, is being able to support yourself, sell some CDs and play some shows.
The advice he extols on the younger generation of would be rocker/rollers is this:
"[They should] just play as much as they can ... Be young. Do it." He says young bands should work especially hard to take opportunities because at a certain age you have other responsibilities. While you're still young, he says, "Play music. Travel. Do what you gotta do."



Shade (2005)
Sold Out (2006)

SHADE has been featured on the following compilations disc: The Spirit of Niagara, Buffalo Musicians Against Autism, Noise@Niagara, and Buffalo Poprocks.

Radio play has included:
CHRW - London
105.1 The River - Niagara
CJIQ 88.1FM Kitchener
CFBU - Brock University



The quest for the perfect three minute pop song, thats what Shade is about. Today pop has become synonymous with sell-out, but Shade harkens back to the days when British rock ruled the airwaves. Originally formed in the studio, the band's live performance now sets the tone of their sound. Raw and energetic, yet always melodic, and always putting the song first. Formed in 2004, the band, which consist of Nick Phillips (guitar & vocals), Paul Eppler (bass), and Jason Gautier (drums), have released two self-produced eps: Shade(2005), and Sold Out(2006). They are currently in the studio writing songs for their next release.