Sounds like Rock and/or Roll


The quest for the perfect three minute pop song, thats what Shade is about. Today pop has become synonymous with sell-out, but Shade harkens back to the days when British rock ruled the airwaves. Originally formed in the studio, the band's live performance now sets the tone of their sound. Raw and energetic, yet always melodic, and always putting the song first. Formed in 2004, the band, which consist of Nick Phillips (guitar & vocals), Paul Eppler (bass), and Jason Gautier (drums), have released two self-produced eps: Shade(2005), and Sold Out(2006). They are currently in the studio writing songs for their next release.


Shade (2005)
Sold Out (2006)

SHADE has been featured on the following compilations disc: The Spirit of Niagara, Buffalo Musicians Against Autism, Noise@Niagara, and Buffalo Poprocks.

Radio play has included:
CHRW - London
105.1 The River - Niagara
CJIQ 88.1FM Kitchener
CFBU - Brock University

Set List

30 minutes of original rock and roll