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Born & raised in Yonkers , NY . This 21 year old started writing & rhyming when he was 10 years old . His fascination with this art form started from Listening to , " Big Daddy Kane ", " Kool G Rap " , " Dougie Fresh " , " Run Dmc " etc. He loved how they could manipulate the english vocabulary & make sense of it in the hip -hop format . I'M REACHING FOR THE GRAMMY'S ! says Shade !


" the h.i.v song "

Written By: rodney criss


I’m the H to the I-V
Ya’ll catz don’t wanna try me (repeat 4x times)

Verse 1:
I’m the H to the I-V
Ya’ll catz don’t wanna try me
But if you do, go ahead it’s really fine by me
You people might fear me
But believe I don’t fear you
I’ll be in ya hood, in a local human being near you
In they blood, they semen, fluids in vaginal passages
Or in they breast milk, so please just start practicing
Abstinence, will stop you from attracting this, or safe sex wit a latex
Reduce chances of having this
I’ll pass through, when a woman gives it to her fetus or transfusing blood
Or shooting drugs through intravenous, unprotected sex of any kind
Through the vagina and penis
And when I’m there I’m like ya wife
Nothing coming between us
Statistics show 36 million live wit me
16 million is women
1.4 is kids wit me
The world found a solution
Abstinence and condoms
There’s enough but them not being used is the problem


Verse 2:
Then it’s me Stage two
Stated in the context A-R-C
AIDS Related Complex
Immune system breaking down
Health becomes distant
Symptoms start from within and become persistent
I’m the severe weight loss in a short time
I’m the inability to think illusions of the minds
Loss hearing of the ears
Loss of vision of the eyes
Constant hot flashes
Profuse sweating in the night
I’m the loss of appetite, skin rashes, severe intestinal inflammation
Unexplained diarrhea
I’m blue and purple spots especially on legs and arms
I’m the dry cough and shortness of breath in the lungs
Weakness and pain in the legs make me scarier
Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit, neck and groin area
I’m warts forming in the mouth
Throat ulcerations, brain gets worse memory loss, hallucinations

Verse 3:
I’m the new era
I’m the talk of the streets
I’ll be here forever
I’ll make it dark when you sleep
Human Immune Deficiency Virus
Went to AIDS Related Complex
And now I’ve been acquired
Immune Deficiency Syndrome
I’ve been known
I damage immune systems completely when full blown
I’ll have more bodies tomorrow then I do now
So many case of me around the world and still I never blew trial
I take lives, kill families, and mothers
I kill fathers, sisters, brothers, wives and ya lovers
You got shorty in the crib to the point where you in it raw
Is it worth smashing it up (Hittin’ that ass)
When soon we’ll have intercourse
The best advise from me is ta watch it wit the sex
You might bust guns in the town
But I can’t be stopped wit a vest
And I don’t discriminate
I prefer any age, race, or weight
Whether you’re a man or woman, gay or straight
You might be a beast. But they call me the monster
Anywhere from across seas to the five boroughs down ta Yonkers
Try ta front on me now
Then you out ya mind and I’m here to serve my purpose
To destroy mankind



VH1 Song Of The Year Award Winner ! ," The H.I.V ( Aids ) Song " Public Service Announcement . This song has created a big buzz on the hip - hop underground seen !!!!!!!! . Who other than "Shade " could give the virus ( H.I.V ) a Voice ? Well if the virus could talk to us , this is what it would say !!!!!!!!!! Please listen !!!!! . Hip-Hop legend " Kool Herc " ( Founding Father of Hip-Hop ) said : " This song is necessary for the Hip-Hop community & the world " !!!!!!!! THE MUSIC INDUSTRY FIGHTS AIDS / GMHC AIDS DANCE-A-THON PERFORMER @ JACOB JAVITZ CENTER,NYC. PERFORMED WITH 3LW, ROSIE PEREZ , LITTLE KIM ETC. & WAS INTRODUCED BY VINNIE OF THE LEGENDARY GROUP" NAUGHTY BY NATURE !!!!! PERFORMED IN FRONT OF OVER 8,000 PEOPLE & HAD THE CROWD MOVING !!!!!!!!!

Set List

1) H.I.V SONG 2) ANGRY 3) WHAT'S GOOD 4) TOOTSIE POP! 5) HEY YO ! 6) 4U 7) OPPORTUNITY . my set is just about a half an hour ( 45 minutes ) . all original , no covers !