If you take the engine out of 90's grunge and put it in the vehical of modern rock then you would have shade. Music to drive fast to. Two of shade's songs are featured on the action sports dvd produced by Stephen Baldwin titled "livin it".


Shade is a modern rock band in the vein of Seether, Nickleback, and Chevelle with alot of 90's grunge influece (silver chair,bush,ect.) The band has been playing everywhere since 1996 and has shared the stage with Switchfoot, Skillet, Superchick, Beanbag, Piller, Tree 63, The Benjamin Gate, Seventh Day Slumber, GS Megaphone and many others. They have sold of 5000 records independantly. They pride themselves on being easy to get along with. Book us and we'll try to prove it.


Handful of Biscuits 1999, 8th day 2001, Middle of Somewhere 2003, and Love Revolution 2006.

Set List

ever changing. I could try but it wouldn't be acurate.