Shades Of Gray

Shades Of Gray


We are a melding of old school funk, blues and rock with a healthy dose of improvisation thrown in.


Hailing from Salt Lake City Utah, Shades Of Gray is establishing itself as one of the cities most exciting live acts to see. Shades takes the blues, funk, rock, and jazz and throws it into a blender, which creates a unique organic sound that is progressive yet still anchored firmly in its roots.

Shades Of Gray was formed in 2003 after guitarist Mat Wennergren and Bassist Nate Simpson decided they wanted to create an all original band, after playing together for many years in high school ensembles. Drummer Joey Davis was brought in to audition some keyboard players against. None of the keyboard players stayed, but Joey did. The trio had found a chemistry that they had not known before despite years of playing together in more formal settings. As they began to write material, the band realized that many of the songs required a keyboard element that was not there. In December of 2004 they once again called on another high school friend Anthony Phan to add Hammond Organ into the mix. Very early on Anthony’s supreme trumpet and fender rhodes chops were also thrown in. The result is that the, now four piece, band had the ability to sound like a five piece. As the new material was worked up and played live the band began prepping for a studio album.

They entered the studio in March of 2006 and cut “Come To The Window.” The album was primarily cut live in the studio with very minimal overdubs. “Come To The Window” manages to capture the band’s live, improvisational energy and also showcases their strong song writing ability. Released in March of 2007 the album is slowly gaining momentum through the band’s live shows.

Shades Of Gray is currently writing new material and playing live locally in Salt Lake City and is looking forward to expanding regionally. “Come To The Window” is available at CD Baby, iTunes and other digital retailers and will be available in local record stores very soon.


Full Album- Come To The window

Set List

Our sets change with every gig but we have a rotation of about 45 songs that we pull through most are originals but we do play covers as well.