Shades of None

Shades of None


Driven by powerful riffs and harmonic vocals, this power of three has an unstoppable sound backed by the she-force(dare i say drummer). Representing their own music, the Shades of None has proved and will continue to prove that there is no other sound like SON.


Shades of None was rectified in the fall 1999 in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. They have revealed themselves in the industry as a great performing live band. They enjoy the inspirations of other musicians and fans alike. They have no problems playing for anyone who wants to listen and have fun with it at the same time. There fan base continues to grow, as their last bar gig brought in 200 plus people....not bad. Their sound is contageous with one song rippin out the riffs and hooks, then another song to wind the people down. It's the mix of music that sets them apart from any other band...


Kneel Down

Written By: Shades of None

I have frustrated, political, no empathy, and I praise the lord for anything he did for me, and time has turned for those without many enemies, and tie your shoelace with colourfull caligraphy.
I see the world for what it wants to take me for, and i open arms with my knees pressed against the door, and time has turned for those without many enemies, and tie your face to the glass so i can just slam the door.
song, dance, praise.
Pour your heart out.
Kneel down, take the crown.
Never turn, never turn away.
verse 1 repeat
Chorus repeat


Shades of None "extinguished", "precieuse" single cd in english and french.
Shades of None "Four Days" EP release, March 10/04

Set List

1.Kneel Down 2.Time 3. Fading 4. LMO 5. Crawl 6.Canons 7.Cold Comfort

Set usually takes up to 45 min. depending on set up and tear down time. This set can be broken down if needed.