Shades of Sorrow

Shades of Sorrow


Shades of Sorrow is a ferocious powerhouse of alternative rock! High energy shows, vociferous vocals, driving guitars, groovy bass lines, angelic harmonies, and a drummer that makes the thunder gods beg for more, makes up our rad tad quartet.


It's hard living in a city that's built on top 40's and hair metal...which is cool, but I have to admit it that Milwaukee is one of the hardest cities to create a rouse in. I remember playing my first show in Milwaukee when i was 16, at a bar formerly known as "Who's on First." I rocked out with a cover band that played AC/DC covers and a whole lotta RUSH. "W E A R E PANTY RAID!" they screamed. Followed by "For those about too ROCK...!" The guys in my band gave each other the "one eyebrow up" stare. You know? The one you do when you see something so stupid, someone could smack you in the face and you wouldn't be mad because your brain no longer comprehends pain. Yeah that one. Then it dawned on me. I promised to steer so far away from cover bands and give my own version of music. That's where Shades of Sorrow comes into the picture. We are definatly an all original band with tons of influences. This keeps us creating a great blend of in your face alternative power rock! Playing music is what we live for, and all we ask with us.


Our EP "Another Day" was just released last year. It was recorded at Studio One in Racine. "Illusions", the first track on the EP, is steadily getting airplay on FM 102.1 Milwaukee. Prior to "Another Day", Shades of Sorrow worked with Mike Hoffman in the Summer of '05. Off this short EP titled track "trauma" was also featured on Milwaukee's FM 102.1.

Set List

SET: 1hour 40min ALL ORIGINALS
Another Day, Illusions, Radar, Atheists Guide to the Universe, Happy, Blue, Bless Me, Listen to Me, Runaway, You Want Love, I Need You, LA-LA, Make Me, My Way, Shakedown Living, The Way It Is, Dreamer, Trauma.
COVERS: No Execuses(alice in chains), Cumbersome(seven mary three), People are Strange(The Doors), Banditos(The Refreshments), Say It Ain't So(weezer), Backwater(meat puppets)