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A fresh new wave of R&B and Hip hop with a soulful tone. A new fresh look, sound and vibe. Shadina is ready to let her signature star talent shine and stand beside the biggest and brightest stars out there. She is ready, able and focused. Shadina will be a household name in 2009.


BALTIMORE BORN/INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN!!!!. SHADINA comes from a musical background...Coming up in a household where Love and Music guided the way, Shadina admits that is was only natural for her to want to become a singer. Shadina, whose mother worked closely with TEDDY RILEY,RICK JAMES,EVELYN KING,JIMMY CLIFF ect, recalls growing up in the music business. "I used to go to sound check and watch my mother perform, she'd sit me on a speaker and I would get to see her do her thing". . SHADINA was "BORN 4 THIS"... And this is the title of her new CD to be released on Embark Records/LmLd Music Group. She has been singing since the age of 2...Shadina started a dance group when she was ten years old. Numerous appearances on The Apollo gained them heavy notoriety. She was discovered by OTIS WILLIAMS OF THE TEMPTATIONS at the age of 13 who put her in the studio.. Learning from that experience and also past and present day R&B singers, Shadina writes her own music.

"Its one thing to sing somebody else's song" she states" but I want to deliver a song that I feel from deep within, so I write and produce my own music, songs that represents me". Beyond writing songs Shadina has a voice that is undeniably unique. Drawing from an array of influences that range from MARY J, JANET AND WHITNEY HOUSTON. Her Godfather (NBA hall of famer)Earl "THE PEARL" Monroe has invested his time in her career as well..Having her sing the national anthem at many NBA games across the country.

Shadina is what the record industry needs. Her singles are already getting lots of satellite stations, radio 1 stations and internet play. Shadina style and music cross all ages. She has opened for Hip Hop legends (Slick Rick, Doug E Fresh, MC Lyte, Big Daddy Kane,Chubb Rock)and has also opened for today major acts (Ryan Leslie,J. Holiday, Slim, Busta Rhymes,The Dream,Keri Hilton).

Shadina first album, Born 4 this which will be released on her own label{LmLd}LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER/ALONG WITH EMBARK RECORDS will showcase her star talent and longevity in the music industry....Her MYSPACE fan base is over 100,000 and she has Over 3 MILLION views and plays to her page!



Good Girls
Losing My Mind
I Want You 2

Set List

Sets are usually between 15-30 minutes long. I have original songs and I also do cover songs.