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Angel Of Sorrows
The Decadent
Immortal Passions
Heaven's Eyes
wither live acoustic from radio interview!



We take a lot of pride in our songwriting and live performance. We want everyone including labels, venues, etc... to know that when they watch us they know exactly what they are getting.
Hubbard "guitar" masterfully creates atmospheres and tones that take you a different places and time. Presley has a 6 octave vocal range and explodes and reacts to the music. The voice from listening is very ghostly and explosive. The Lyrics are very well written and many people can connect with the messages. Music is our temple our only connection to a higher power.
"Shadoline what can you say they have talent running out of their ears"-Heretic Records, President

Honestly we aren't big on ourselves but we think we deserve a listen.

The story of ShadoLine is a very odd and almost predestined. Sitting out back of a coffee shop in Transylvania, NC, US, in 2002 Stephen Hubbard felt that there was some force a higher power, if you will, tugging him to start a band. Basically, Hubbard walks out side and simply says, I supposed to start a band, I feel that I am supposed to this. Right when he said that Stephen Presley under the same convictions decided to start playing music with Hubbard. Presley and Hubbard immidiately have a incredible musical connection. Presley enrolled in a University left to finish his education at Appalachain State University and would travel home 3 hrs almost every weekend to write music. In 2006 Presley and Hubbard reunited for good as Presley Graduated in May 2006. Hubbard fighting his own demons felt that he couldn't be in the group he left Presley. Presley Determined that this was real and that he could not bet complete without the music went out searching for a band....It just so happened that a band was searching him out as well. A band called "The Art of Ruin" asked Presley to audition. Presley walks in and sings leaving no question of who the band would pick up as the vocalist. Oddly enough, Hub never truly said he had quit...actually his neighbor had feed told Presley something that was not entirely true. The following week Hubbard joins the group and the younger guitarist of the "Art of Ruin" left taking his name with him left the group for personal issues between him and Bass player Wes Shipley. Through time the band made the best decision for the music and for the care of its members and became professional. with 2007 additions Ian Gilbert (bass)and Isaac Small (drums) the group went straight to the studio and began to record the demo with Evan Bradford and Eric Mooney.