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"Rockin' It"

Coming through loud and clear with a pleasing sonic package of bright, articulate vocals and dynamic arrangements, this group has created a niche for itself which is consistent with their work ethic. Their style is unique in its nicely spirited, straight-forward manner which keeps the music flowing along at a proper steady clip. Moreover, the ringing guitars, distinct bass lines, and sturdy drums, blend well together creating a smooth, arresting, and kickin’ sound. This combined with their engaging youthful get up and go vitality makes The Enduring such an enjoyable listen live.
Eschewing pretense and needless flash, these guys maintain a simple and uncluttered style that still manages some affecting moments of thoughtful reflectivity amidst the good-hearted merriment. Led by front man, Joshua Engler whose lively vocals are thoughtful and engaging, with a refreshing dearth of needless pretense, this band's basic sound has a very eclectic indie rock quality to it. In short, a compelling treat in my book. - Mike Riverton: The Independent

"Playing The Circuit"

As always when treading amidst the industry's touted next big thing and amongst established icons, playing some of the areas largest venues, a plethora of local bands continue to tread the well-worn circuit of local events and clubs. And if you'll take the time to look, you'll sometimes find a diamond amongst the mountains of coal.
Among those definitely worth taking a look at is the group The Enduring. Originating from Central California's Monterey coast, they are one of the area's harder working indie bands.
Building upon an extensive catalogue of materials during the past 12 months, their style reflects pieces with a strong melodic repertoire, sprinkled with consummate lyrics. This group has a high passion for music and life. Watching and listening to their production material quickly convinced me that these lads have a solid future in music. - Chris Meyers, The Herald

"A Night of Delight"

Getting off to a rousing start with ear catching and infectious material, The Enduring hits the ground running continuing to set the pace at a steady succession of lively, stirring, and delightfully upbeat songs. The hearty vocals project a certain winningly breezy and easy going charm. The arrangements are tight, dynamic, and exciting, delivering a pleasing plenitude of upbeat tempos and bouncy beats that continue throughout the set. Better still during their performance, the prevalent attitude of this group manages to be often sunny and cheerful without ever becoming corny or self serving. A real delight to attend. - Jim Benton, The Tribune


Too Close
For Your Life
Be Alright, Be Ok
Out There
The Northern Lights
Finding You
Inside Me
A Better You
Make or Break
Lost for You
This Town
Fighting the End
Breaking Out
Only You



Some bands rely on gimmicks or novelties to win an audience. The Enduring just continues to rely on making simple, great music. In a relatively short time, the West Coast based band has won an ever increasing audience with its unique brand of straight from the heart rock; a blend of unforgettable melodies, intelligent lyrics, and powerful music. Our current, debut EP, Too Close To The Stars, is in soon to be released current production phase and will evidence the band's goal of becoming one of the premiere emerging acts within the region whilst amassing a solid fan base.

Comprised of front-man, Josh Engler, on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, the other members of the group include Max Morgan on lead guitar, Nathan Miller on drums and John Rarup on bass. The band is a musical partnership in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. "Our goal is to make honest music - portraying a straightforward indie style rock," declares Josh. He proclaims that: "if I had 30 seconds to describe our music, I'd pick up a guitar and play. But to put it in words: It's rock music pure from the heart, inspired by living life to its fullest."

The band is and has been gigging throughout California, Nevada and Oregon, focused on building upon their hometown buzz and following. "We've barely scratched the surface of what we're capable of," says Josh. "We're very committed to getting our current and new material in front of our audiences."

Quality selections, delivered in live, inspiring performances, are garnering an ever increasing appeal for The Enduring as they delve into new creative venues, pouring their convictions into creating a unique sound.

Clint Engler: Tour/band manager
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"We recognize that during these turbulent economic times people in society are looking for answers.
However, sometimes there are no quick easy solutions to the issues affecting our lives and the one and only thing which truly sustains us is our faith.
In addition to composing and performing original material for the enjoyment of our audience, it is also our desire to share our vision of hope for a better world in our relationships with one another."