Waxhaw, North Carolina, USA

We have ALOT of potential, and we are mix between Alice In Chains and Black Tide. We are slowly taking on a newer heavier metal edge as of recenty.


ShadowBox started in Waxhaw, NC where the band has practiced since 2006. Original band members Robert, Travis, and Wes had dreamed at a young age of becoming a rock band. When Robert and Wes were 16, and Travis 15, they grabbed their instruments and jammed. The band's original name was "Thrice Justified", which quickly turned to "Engraved". The name "Engraved" lasted until the summer of 2009, when the band went to its current name. Back in 2006 when the guys really started practicing a lot, they were essentially a Metallica cover band. The guys pretty much lived with each other over the summer. The days were spent watching DVDs of Metallica, driving around searching for food, and jamming late into the night, which angered the neighbors (that's why they did it). Then Wes graduated in 2007 moved out of Waxhaw to attend Appalachian State University. Robert started taking school and work more seriously, taking time from practicing with Travis. They never quit, but they definitely took off a little bit and did other things.

Not until May 2009, did the band completely finish its first original. The summer was very productive for Travis and Wes, basically playing everyday and working to get better. In two months, these guys spit out four full originals, "Written in Red", "Elegy", "Yeah", and "Where to?", and finalized the previous originals they had been working on, "Another Day that Fades", and "Sinner's Last Breath".

Towards the end of the summer Wes had to go back to college, Travis started college classes, and Robert was still in college classes. So the band's production, of course, had to be halted. Sometime in September though, the motivation was reinstated when the Greenlight Firm emailed Travis about working with them. The band quickly searched for a singer and got in the studio and professionally recorded its first song. Tom has been singing for his whole life, and was excited to join his second band. In November of 2009, Taylor came on the scene to help the band with its first show right after Thanksgiving. He was a very good asset to ShadowBox, because he brought the same kind of talent Travis already had going in the band. Soon after Taylor joined, Steven joined to play bass. He quit his previous band for ShadowBox, AND recently quit the ARMY for ShadowBox and has really helped push music production along. The guys like to goof off maybe a little too much, and Steven seems to always be there to get them back on track.

ShadowBox is able to fuse unique styles of music playing together. Each song from the band could probably be placed in a different genre. Something that should be noted is that these guys are Christians and would like to appeal to the heavier music crowd where most Christian music leaves out. Without any doubt, the ShadowBox sound can be classified as rock, but it's not easy to classify the music's fusion of thrash metal, classic rock, and good ol' blues riffs.