Formed in 2004, the band is moving at a rapid pace to quickly take the crown of heavy metal kings. Each member comes equipped with their own style, from an extremely diverse background, forming a blend that creates an innovative, groundbreaking sound.


Shadowgate began with the future of modern battery, Logan Michaels, and the twisted blistering riff creator and lead guitarist Matt Scriva:both veterans of the metal scene. Brett St. Germain followed suit, bringing his delivery of the "thunder from down under" which can be felt as well as heard. Steve Zaretsky fell into the metal grinder soon after, bringing to the table an improvisational mixture of both metal, blues and a neo-classical metal style that matched even the most skilled musician. With the addition of Sake on vocals, contributing his gut wrenching screams, his incredibly original singing and mind blowing harmonies, this band is one that has just begun it's trip to the top.

The band formed in early 2004. Although the lineup was considered a "revolving door" for some time, the heart and soul of the band never faltered. The result of this lineup is a combination of technical yet melodic riffage, furiously aggressive and complex beats, creative funky ass low end strings, and relentless raging vocals sung with clarity and little remorse.

SHADOWGATE has succeeded in making a large underground buzz in a short amount of time. With a significant amount of reviews and interviews, as well as regular rotation on a number of radio stations, the band is receiving rave reviews for their EP as well as their live performances. Shadowgate was nominated for 3 Grammys, including Best Rock Song and Best Metal Performance. The band has reached #67 on the CMJ spin charts, and they are currently sponsored by Tyranny clothing as well. The SHADOWGATE NATION currently consists of a large nationwide volunteer Street Team, and over 45,000 friends on The band has signed with Chameleon Music, allowing their music to be sold through such channels as ITunes VCast, Rhapsody, EMusic, and many more...
Rest assured that when SHADOWGATE is at a venue near you, they will bring with them a slaughter for the masses. And don't worry about your seats. The boys won't be using them, and we can guarantee that you won't either.

Critics have described Shadowgate as "The true fix for the heavy metal Jones," and "a well rehearsed set of dynamic and complex works that border on theatrical, and stir up memories in the seasoned metal fan about Metallica's metal, not mainstream days."

*** Shadowgate has opened for such National acts as Black Dahlia Murder, Goatwhore, Cattle Decapitation, Suicide City (featuring members of Biohazard & Kittie), Halo of Locusts (feat. Randy Blythe of Lamb of God), Through The Discipline, Byzantine, Cryptopsy, The Misfits, Hell Within, was direct support for KMFDM and has performed with bands featured on MTV's "Battle For Ozzfest" ***

*** UPDATE: Shadowgate is currently in the studio recording their full length debut album, which hopefully will be released within the next few months. The upcoming debut album will be available in over 10,000 stores through physical and electronic distribution. The band will be touring heavily to promote the release of the album.


Due to the most recent lineup change in Shadowgate, any music available from the band is now defunct. Although available for listening purposes, the music itself is now dated. Be aware, the current lineup is going to be presented as a completely different band. The sound, the songs, the lyrics, the entire presentation of the band will be entirely different. Better in all areas, metal in ways you've never experienced. BE PREPARED!!

Shadowgate has received airplay on such stations as Megarock Radio, iRadioLA, Metal Faction radio, The Core, Forever in Chaos Radio, WCWP, Thrash Zombie Radio, The Autopsy Report, and more.

Shadowgate has also exclusively been featured on the CD "Export Metalfest Compilation"

Currently the band is planning on releasing there debut album

Set List

Earn Every Inch
Power Trip
Shattered Mind
Dark Passage
#20 (untitled)
The Pirate Song (untitled)
Killers Anthem
Road of Silence
Typical set length: 30 - 60 min.