Shadow Hound

Shadow Hound

 Houston, Texas, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

An intoxicating mash of aggressive riffs, melodic leads, and words that cut you like a knife.


" Shadow Hound formed from the wreckage of the Houston Suburb scene. In a mess of drug addiction, dead end jobs, and closed doors, Shadow Hound breaks through and reminds us we can always find a light... if we can punch through a wall... "

I look around at the shit sidewalks overgrown with trees that you can't even walk on. I see starving people in the streets falling further in this stretched thin economy. I see rich people still not giving a shit. I see a haze of nu-metal and rap rock that has been looming over this city. I see this wall and I need to smash it. I see these people telling me it's not worth it and I want to kick their teeth in. Maybe only some of you are worthy. Maybe none of you are. But I'm building an army, and I want you to join. - Casey Horn


Self Titled
1. Dopeshow Cowboy
2. Heroine
3. Got A Switchblade For A Razor
4. Last Call
5. Stones + Glass Houses
6. Broken Record
7. You Must Be An Alien
8. Cold Feet
9. The Nature Of Things
10. This Is The Night
11. Caught In The Red