Stavanger, Rogaland, NOR

Brutal, yet catchy metalcore from the west coast of Norway. With hard hitting verses and catchy choruses, SHADOWMIND is one of the most promising young bands to emerge from this cold and unforgiving country.


Catchy, yet brutal and headbangable melodic metalcore from the southwest coast of Norway. SHADOWMIND is among the great up and coming bands emerging from this part of the country.

Originally founded by ex-REPENT members Tore Fagerheim and John Dawn, SHADOWMIND is a new band seeking to produce brutal, yet melodic metal.

Work began in late 2010, after the breaking up of the band REPENT. Several songs have been written since then, and Palmer Møller Hegre and Alexander Soares Varhaug (both ex-CASE OF CONSPIRACY) have joined forces on bass and vocals respectively. Vadim Chernyshov also joined on drums. The band`s first demo titled "Rebirth" has been in the works for more than half a year, and is finally finished. Work has already started on a full length album, due to be released in late 2011. After the release of "Rebirth," Shadowmind and John Dawn have since parted ways. Thomas Nesse fills in the empty guitar space left after him. Shadowmind have since participaed in the groundbreaking "Insurgency Tour" with Apeiron Restraint, and have played numerous gigs in their hometown.

On October 14th, 2011, the band released their latest single called "Infected".

On March 9th, 2012, Shadowmind finally released their debut album entitled "World Gone Mad", sparking great reviews everywhere.


World Gone Mad (album) 2012
Infected (single) 2011
Rebirth (demo) 2011

Set List

1. Wrath
2. Rebirth
3. World Gone Mad
4. Infected
5. Complications
6. Redemption is Dead
7. Escape Me (encore)