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Shadow Of Silence

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
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"Exclusive Shadow of Silence interview"

After covering their live set and reviewing their demo (which made my latest top 10 list on AC), it was time I sat down with Shadow of Silence front man Blade Thornton for some lager and good conversation.

Over the last decade the live original music scene in Philadelphia has gone from a thriving subculture to an afterthought. Many have attributed this to a lack of new talent, others to the rise alternative promotional outlets such as social networking sites. From an insiders perspective, how have things changed and where are we headed?

I do think the internet has played a big role as well as a lack of distinctive sound in Philly. I think most bands in Philly try to mimic other more accomplished bands and don't have an identity of their own, also the reason for so many cover bands in Philly. Fortunately for SOS we are blessed with an original sound and four members with such a wide range of influences so no one influence shines through to limit us to one particular style. I think networking sights and the internet as a whole have strangled the mainstream but if used to properly market your music just about anyone can be successful. I'm not too worried where it’s headed; I just want to go along for the ride, preferably drunk if possible.

Your set consists of nearly all original material. Why go this route knowing a covers heavy set would all but guarantee booking shows? I also noticed that the covers you do indulge in are a little unconventional. How were they chosen?

Well you could play other peoples music or you could play your own? I'll leave it at that. As for the covers come on Fight: “Reality“, Iron Maiden: “Revelations” and Him: “Wicked Game”. How could we not do them. The covers are more for us really we just love to play them, but our music is so similar that the fans love them as well. We might be adding Slayer to the set as well just for shits and giggles.

Of your original material, what song has been getting the best reaction so far? Why do you think this song connects with people?

All three (referring to the three songs on their demo) actually, I think for different reasons. “Unalive” - People love the hooks and the stops, and the melody is very catchy. You could find this song stuck in your head singing the words endlessly. “Brink” - one of the catchiest intro's I’ve ever heard, but for most people who love this song they say the words it’s a song allot of people can relate to. “Twitch” - Brian (Nolan) wrote this one I think it's mainly the song structure and the dark undertones. It also has one of the coolest choruses.

What is the writing process like for this band, and how does it differ from pervious projects?

Most of the material I wrote and Bri threw his twist on it, Bri also brought two songs from the Candy Store (Nolan’s former band Charlie’s Candy Store) with him “Twitch” and “Misery“. And we have a bunch of new songs that we wrote in our usual way we just jam and when we find something that catches our ear we structure it and it’s done.

Everyone knows the clichés about musicians partying? Do you fall into this category, and if so what is your most self incriminating story?

Well we all have day jobs so not so much, but on the weekends we do kick loose, you know music, parties , and the occasional ménage à trios.

Finally, what can people expect when they come out to a Shadow of Silence show?

One hell of a show. -

"Associated Press Top Ten"

10. Demo
This isn't just some demo that crossed my desk, Shadow of Silence are truly missing an opportunity by not releasing this for sale as an EP.
Dark and catchy. Even features a track that will appeal to the vamp crowd.
As a demo it is not widely available.

"Demo Review"

After months of playing out around the Philadelphia area, see a review of their live show here, Shadow of Silence have issued their first official demo. The three tracks which make up this self released set display a confidence usually reserved for an act with more mileage. This won't be a surprise for those who have followed the Philadelphia music scene for the last half of this decade, as the member of SOS have been counted in the ranks of any number of local bands. There was even a prototype version of the band, dubbed Mosaic Nation, making the rounds earlier this year. Luckily for us the wise decisions were made to swap out their bass player for someone more accomplished, and take the material into a decidedly darker direction while keep their keen sense of melody intact.

Which brings us to the first in this trio of songs, "Unalive". No doubt crafted with Philadelphia's substantial goth/vamp (not the same thing for those of you who didn't know or don't watch South Park) community. The lyrics unfold like an adult answer to Twilight, and will no doubt capture more than a few fans from the Team Edward camp. The other two tracks "Brink" & "Twitch" are anything but by the numbers hard rockers. Don't be surprised to find these songs bouncing around your head for days after just a few spins.


Our demo SOS features the rock antham "Brink" as well as the dark rocking tracks "Unalive" and "Twitch".
The first track "Unalive" is going to be featured on the upcoming horror movie The Horror Pages. It will be released on Capitol Records.
Our first single "Voices" has been completed, produced by David Ivory and mastered by Ted Jensen.



Shadow Of Silence is Philadelphia's premier hard rock band. Formed in 2007 we recorded our first demo SOS in 2009 which contained the songs Brink, Unalive, and Twitch. In 2012 the band teamed up with Grammy award winning producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Silver Tide) to record our first single "Voices", which was mastered by the legendary Ted Jensen.