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"Shadow Parade - Dubious Intentions 8.7"

Rating: 8.7

Without trying to overgeneralize, Icelandic band Shadow Parade mixes the gloomy atmospheres of Sigur Ros with the moody arrangements of Radiohead on their Dubious Intentions LP. Guitars hum, float and linger, and drums strike in a deathly dirge, providing a base for the band to work their darkened magic. "Gravity Song" opens the album at a slow pace, and the context for the album is in place. This isn't a slow-core record, but grave introspections are rarely set to a speedy backdrop, and Shadow Parade clearly understand their objective, and every note on this album seems to contribute to the whole. Vocalist Beggi Dan channels Thom Yorke effortlessly, and at the risk of making Shadow Parade out to be some Radiohead rip-off band (which they're certainly not), if you're longing for the follow-up to Hail To The Thief, I'd recommend buying Dubious Intentions. "Dead Man's Hand" lets loose on guitar riffs and vocal howling...yes, this certainly is a rocknroll album. The snail-pace of "Suicide Sing-A-Long" is chilling and creepy, filling the air with minor note keyboards. Shadow Parade sound very comfortable with mellow songs that noodle guitar lines, dance on cymbols, and provide a soft and dreary context for eerie falsettos. What is it about Iceland that seems so perfect for atmospheric art-pop? Whatever it is, it's just a short matter of time until you'll hear Shadow Parade's name mentioned with the likes of Bjork and Sigur Ros. The artistry is already your job is to order the record and show it off to all your hipster friends. Albums this great shouldn't be secrets. Play it loud on rainy and snowy days. I love it!


LP - Doubius Intentions.
Self released - Music101 reykjavik
Will be released in Norway early this summer 2007



Shadow Parade are a musical explosion in waiting. A blend of midnight melodies, bittersweet melancholy and sweeping romanticism.
They are a reverse evolution, from the PC to a full blown six piece band. They where fashioned in the digital realm an electronic duo. They decided the classic material they where producing would benefit from a boarder sound palate and the warmth of traditional instruments.

Shadow Parade are masters of the carefully crafted gritty folky-rock with additional darkness and starling intent. The mix of gravity defying guitars and emotive vocals that
fly from the speakers and bury themselves in your memory. This is music with passion, soul and depth. Shadow Parade’s hard work and talent was unleashed last november
on the world in the form of their debut LP Dubious Intentions.