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Shadows and Dust

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Folk Rock




"Shadows & Dust - Friday, April 6, 2012"

I've put off writing this post on Shadows & Dust for quite some time- I haven't wrote anything like this before & I'm so scared I wont do the band justice, but I think it's time I shared my little find with you all.

Whilst roaming through Youtube, I some how managed to stumble upon this quaint set up & was instantly blown away. Shadows & Dust are a five piece 'soft-spoken rock' band based in Dublin. Band members include:

Dermot Kennedy Guitar and Vocals
Micheál Quinn Drums
Lia Wright Violin and Vocals
Simon Glynn Lead Guitar
Donnchadh O’Malley Bass and Vocals

It's hard to know where to begin with this band... I genuinely mean it- they're amazing! Dermot's voice instantly captivates the listener, followed by the lyrics & beautiful pitch of the violin set in among the remaining choice of instruments. The talented bunch are musically driven with three of the band members, Dermot, Micheál and Donnchadh all studying pure Music degrees at University level.
After their recent performance in Bewley’s Café Theatre Grafton Street, fans of the band have been able to download their latest recordings for free- ‘Cobblestones’ and ‘The Hunter's Tale'. The mellow, relaxing tone of Kennedy’s voice is beautiful as well as the violin which adds that extra something to the musical creativity of the band. Each member adds something unique and special to the works, Quinn steady on the drums, and both Glynn and O’Malley heightening the atmosphere with their talents.

‘Cobblestones’ sets a mood of relaxation and freedom. Dermot’s cool tone in his voice for this one is alluring. The song itself is truly beautiful, both the lyrics and the musical content itself. It’s slow relaxing air, smoothes out a bad mood and allows the listener to become relaxed & at ease.

‘The Hunter's Tale’ is a more upbeat tune than ‘Cobblestones’, yet Dermot makes it his own exquisite work with his captivating voice. The violin, yet again, sets the tone of the piece as well as the added xylophone, which adds an exciting aspect to the beginning of the work. The harmonies enrich the voice of Dermot, adding to the fascinating music.

Both recordings are honestly both inspiring and impressive. The band can do no wrong. The choice of lyrics are desirable and definitely not the choice of lyrics we are so used to hearing in current music in the industry. We’ll be seeing plenty more of these guys around, you can be sure of it!

I can think of big names to compare these guy's to; Bon Iver being one of them. Being a fan of Vernon & his gang, Dermot reminds of him with the way in which his passion comes through in his work; singing about real things, real life. So I'll leave you with my favourite find from the band & live in hope that these guys become huge! I honestly think they're amazing & hey, here's to hoping they sell out the Royal Albert Hall as well as the o2 ;)

Seriously hope I've given Shadows & Dust the appraisal they deserve & don't forget to go download these two tracks; its free & you won't regret it....
I promise! -

"Irish Band Of The Week – Shadows and Dust"

This Monday brings us back down to Dublin to find our Irish Band of the Week, having headed up North last time for our first feature band Little Bear.

This time, our feature space is demanded by the soft-spoken acoustic rock tones of Dublin four-piece Shadows and Dust. Earlier this week saw the launch of a video for their track “Homely Ground” from their forthcoming debut EP “Each Year Forever”. The video comes from the very talented director, Alec Moore and the collaboration between the band and Alec works fantastically with the tune.

A combination of male and female vocals, an impressive strings section for such a small band with Lia Wright on violin and Erik Vaughan on double bass, and the dynamically commanding percussion of Micheál Quinn merge together to create something incomparable to anything on the Irish scene and put them miles beyond anyone trying to create an equal sound. Though so softly spoken, the band’s sound is nothing but compelling. Bon Iver is listed among their influences, with Bon Iver drummer Séan Carey contributing to the album artwork for their upcoming EP, and it’s an influence you can just quite hear in songs such as “Homely Ground” and “The Bridge of Sighs” particularly down to their similarly chilling lyrics.

19 year-old, lead vocalist Dermot Kennedy has previously released his own E.P. but it’s with the strings-filled melodies of the band and the dulcet vocal additions by Lia Wright that make the raspy tones of his voice come to life. There’s a raw quality to Dermot’s vocals that make Shadows and Dust’s tracks so emotionally weighted and hard-hitting and sets themselves so far apart from the myriad of other Irish bands attempting to break onto the current Dublin scene.

Shadows and Dust release their debut EP “Each Year Forever ” on June 7th with an EP launch night taking place in the beautifully intimate Unitarian Church, a perfect setting for the hauntingly compelling quartet. They’re not a band that should be missed in a live set-up and it’s sure to be a remarkable set.

Check out their brand new video for “Homely Ground” below. - - Laur Ryan

"Shadows & Dust - Homely Ground"

Holy shit, Shadows and Dust's new song Homely Ground feels like a stiff shot of brandy after coming inside from burying your dog on a cold and rainy night. Perfectly still yet swirling and swelling with emotion. My heart is dancing in my throat right now, my mind is racing through lonely streets and my soul is fucking alive. Thanks bros. -


Still working on that hot first release.



Shadows & Dust is:
Dermot Kennedy // Micheál Quinn // Lia Wright // Erik Vaughan

Shadows & Dust formed in November 2009, when Dermot Kennedy and Micheál Quinn met studying Music in NUI Maynooth. Through a mutual love and desire to make music, they began playing together.

Over the course of the past three years, the band has come to its current form. Lia Wright joined in 2010, having been introduced through a friend of Dermots.
In November 2012, Micheál met Erik over a discussion about music, and at the time was looking for a new bassist for the band, after a previous departure. Erik was a perfect fit, and that was the line up formed.

They have been working solidly since, and have recently recorded their debut EP, Each Year Forever, and are currently preparing for the launch on the 7th June, in the beautiful surrounds of The Unitarian Church, in Dublin.

Based around a strong foundation in lyrics, and delicately crafted music, the band strives to create a sound for people to find joy in both musical quality and lyrical beauty.

Having recently recorded their debut EP, Each Year Forever, Shadows & Dust are excited to get the ball rolling. They have worked with numerous artists for videos, including internationally acclaimed Kevin Sharkey, on their latest music video.

With a passion for art and all things aesthetically pleasing, the artwork for the EP comes from collaborations with artists on an international level.

The artwork for the EP features the photography of Bon Iver drummer, Sean Carey, specifically chosen by Sean for the band. The cover art was designed exclusively by Hungarian artist, Sarolta Bán. You can see the artwork in the 'Photos' section of the EPK

Shadows & Dust aspire to share our music with as many people around the world as possible.

Ambitions are high, and work ethic is evident. Aspirations to follow in the footsteps of the bands influences, such as Bon Iver, Glen Hansard, Sigur Ros, John Mayer, and many more, are clearly demonstrated by the bands work ethic.

In the past three years the band have found fans such as Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, Ellie Goulding, Mike Scott of The Waterboys, Glen Hansard and have been steadily increasing an online fanbase. Significant support slots have included opening for James Vincent McMorrow & Michael Kiwanuka.

All the members intend to follow their passion for music in life.

'The band can do no wrong. The choice of lyrics are desirable and definitely not the choice of lyrics we are so used to hearing in current music in the industry. We’ll be seeing plenty more of these guys around, you can be sure of it!'