Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt


We are a young talented band from South County, CA We put all of our heart into our music, writing, recording, and performing live. Our music represents finding hope through the darkest moments


Coming from Southern Orange County, in California, Shadows of Doubt has been brining a new sense of style of music to the O.C. With a new blend of rock music, Shadows of Doubt brings music that anyone can enjoy.

"We have just, re-arranged our line up, possibly a final line up. What we represent right now is Shadows of Doubt, the music we play is Shadows of Doubt, This line up IS Shadows of Doubt." - DXC (guitar/vocals)

With their first album being released entitled "From Forgotten Memories", this young Southern O.C band is ready to hit the road in July/August , for a west coast region tour.


Ghost Ballad

Written By: Devin Rodarte

They seem to dance this ballad

With wings invisible to me, this waltz inticed a curiosity in me

I saw a lite but just a glow, her face so pale so beautiful, i held her hand as we began to dance.

Eyes like starts, lips of rose, beauty surpassing all of those, I held her, I kissed her. starred into eyes that lured.

As I woke, she began to fade, harder i held, like sand she sifted away.

Into the night into the day, i found a light, a passage way. Into the night into the day, together we both walked a way.

So many nights i rested, in hopes of seeing this ghostly being, my thoughts were haunted by her, my heart bleeding.

And then one night in slumber i dreamed i finally found, she said "i have been waiting, waiting for you"


Demo 2007

1.Ghost Ballad
2.The Lost
3My Destiny

From Forgotten Memories (june 2008)

1.From Forgotten Memories
2.Ghost Ballad
3.Fall in Me
4.Yesterdays Eternity
5.With an Open Heart
6.Candle Light
7.Black Heart County
8. The Lost

Set List

Ever nothing (intro)

Ghost Ballad

Yesterdays Eternity

With an Open Heart

Fall in Me

Catch me Im Falling(new)

Candle Light (new)

Victim-18 visions cover

The Lost