Shad-Rac and Me-Shac

Shad-Rac and Me-Shac

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We are regular people who serves God for the will of the people. We say what preachers are afraid to say in the poolpit. We are the voices of the people, who wants someone to relate to them mentally, so, they can be saved spiritually. Also, save our children from ourselves.


Our music is a voice for people who are not saved and feel there is no hope for them. We represent those folks who are condemned by these so called Christian folk. We don't care who you are,or what ethnic group you belong to. We are influenced by Daniels friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and abednigo. Know matter what the devil throw at you, you want be harmed, Like when daniels friends were thrown into the furnace, When the enemy peeped in, only to see Shadrach, Meshach, and abednigo were untouched by the flames. God had his arms around them. Our whole life, God has moved us from a place only to learn that it was being taking over by evil. We thank God for each time he placed us into safety.


Godly Swagga

Written By: Michael (Me-Shac) Young

If you see on 20" rims that don't mean I'm a gangsta, that's just my godly swagga, If I come through your hood with confident look on styling, thats just my godly swagga. When I'm in a 3 piece suit with cuff links and ring on that's just my godly swagga. When I'm in the streets and aine doin' know dirt just smilin', that's just my godly swagga.


Who you think this is, oh you don't know, forgive me for the stuff I did when I was ghetto; Now I'm the logic spitting flows on a spiritual topic, I gotta lock it, I know the devil gone try and stop it; Form your weapons satan, I got the good book now shook, I'm coming through like Walter Payton and I'm still waiting. With faith, I can beat you dog, I don't need ya, when the lord is my people. You can throw out moe obstacles like I was JOB, stay focused on you lord, cause I'm reaching my goals; People looking at me saying there he is, Hardtimes still happy, now I gotta wife and kids. Can you imagine gods house with some gold floors in it, silver lining about 2 trillion rooms in it. I much older and I'm wiser, don't lie to me dog, I can see it in your eyes now.


Some preachers just want leave the pulpit, they must be afraid of becoming the devil advocate. Back then preachers walk in the neighborhood , now their in big cadillacs looking good. Promoting everything, but the church your pastoring, you hear the insignificants, the lord wasn't mentioned. Call my name out , I'm leaving the church, I came to get the word not to get my name heard. Don't take it personal, I'm just speaking the truth, If my wallet was fat, I'd never be rid of you. Don't get me wrong there some preachers that love, and care for you, and want you to make it to heaven too. When the lord said, no sin, would that hurt you, but if I said it, why should it offend you. Aine perfect, but I walk with a swagga, I'm talking to someone before they get cut by the dagga.


You're changing religions, like a mood swing, like a bat you really can't see what the lord brings; He kept me out the streets and the pennitenntiary, I love the lord and I know he loves me. The lord ain't never really asking for much call on him and have faith and he'll show up. Some of my friends are locked in the penn, Some of my friends are on a quest to make millions. Most of my friends wanna be born, but they are afraid of what the church will think of them. Now a days, you gotta have money to join in, big tithes and offerings, is who you wanna befriend. Don't forget, poor people need god too, now what can we do, just to mingle amongst you. Al the jewells in the world belongs to god, I may be poor here, but with god , I'm living large
Some of my

The God I serve

Written By: Michael (Me-Shac) Young

That's the god I wanna serve, He's watching over me. The the god I wanna serve, He set my soul free, that's the god I wanna serve, He never forsake me, That's the god I wanna serve, He's always forgivin' me.

You gotta have the knowledge and the wisdom, and if you ain't got that, then your musuc ain't worth listening to.

I don't mean to offend, but you gotta know the truth, believe in him like he believes in you if you want your breakthrough;

It wasn't in church when god talk to me, sitting at home watching TV, all the time he's dealing with me.

Now , that's the kind of god that catches you at the right time, there's nothing on your mind, a voice telling you it's time;

Almost 20 years, I was training to be an MC, not knowing that god, already had a plan for me;

Now that's the kind of god that kept me drug free, kept me out of places that can harm me badly;

And still, He fills the love and passion, save the ones who trashed him, rose the third day and forgave'em;

Now that the kind of god ,I wanna serve, A handyman, in six days, He created the earth.


You know the same god, back in BC and AD, the same one that's here in the 21 century,

The same god, that forgave Judas forgives me, Also forgave the 2 thieves, that died right beside thee;

He walk through hell, just to save you and me, He set our souls free, from the iniquity,

That's the kind of god ,that never judges me, That the same old god, that help me view the world differently;

There's nothing mystic about the crusafix, they whooped'em and they cursed his name, while they spit;

Persecution, could we be the ones to recieve that, be cursed at and lie on, still willing to forgive that;

That's the same god, that can talk to you through a junkie, when you're looking for the money, knowledge is coming from a flunkie;

God is good, in whatever form he approaches, That's the kind of god I serve, like Mary and Joseph;



We have local hit singles called "Godly Swagga", 4-Real, Jesus can fix it, Be Alright and The God I serve. Godly Swagga and Be Alright are getting great reviews on our local radio stations 104.5 and Mixx 96. We released Shad-Rac and Me-Shac Spring '08.

Set List

We have an intro, then we come out on Be Alright, then go into Godly Swagga, then 4 Real that breaks into a westcoast groove, which the show last about 14min.