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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Los Angeles, CA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Hip Hop


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Shad Robinson @ Red 7

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States

Shad Robinson @ Soma

San Diego, California, United States

San Diego, California, United States

Shad Robinson @ The Fonda Theatre

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States



“Urchin” is Robinson’s latest video. The message is clear from the first 30 seconds of the video. It’s evident that Shad believes in the possibility of making more of yourself and not feeling like you’re stuck in one place. The images are provided by A Plus Filmz and the beat is produced by MgTheGenius. Recently Shad went on tour with TDE’s Ab-soul and his Face Is Fact album was released in January. - HipHopDX

Fresh off his first music tour–with TDE rapper Ab-Soul, no less–Sylmar, CA native Shad Robinson delivers the visuals for “Urchin (We Are Not Worthless).” The video opens with a rather ironic intro, followed by a silky smooth hook leading into Robinson candidly showing off his unrestrained penchant for lyricism.

“Urchin (We Are Not Worthless)” is from Robinson’s EDWIN! produced Face is Fact album, released earlier this year. - The Source Magazine

Being an artist is all about conveying your innermost talents to give people multiple angles of your craft so they can meet in the middle with their perceptions.

California rap upstart Shad Robinson manages to pull such a feat off handily with his newly released “Shooting Stars” video. While putting all his emotions on the line atop a multifaceted backdrop, he spits poetry like, “And I see ’em as I’m staring out the window to the future/They say close the blinds/I refuse to/This is visions of a thinker/You can’t close the curtains on a thinker…” to let you know this dream isn’t a fleeting thought just to become a rap celebrity.

Although 2015 is slated to become Robinson’s breakout year, he’s already been soaking up game behind-the-scenes. Last year, he toured the country alongside Ab-Soul for the TDE rhymer’s These Days Tour. Just being in the proximity of a cerebral wordsmith like Soulo can do wonders for a young MC and Robinson is no exception.

The “Shooting Stars” video is only the beginning of the greatness to come. Look for Robinson’s upcoming album, Face is Fact to follow suit the astrological lead-off single blazed in the sky.

Watch and listen to the APLUSFilmz-directed, E.D.W.I.N.-produced “Shooting Stars” down below. - Hip Hop Wired

After marking his arrival at the DopeHouse several moons ago Los Angeles native Shad Robinson has been building a name for himself, even touring with the likes of Ab-Soul on his These Days Tour in 2014. Now, he makes his return the these halls with his latest offering, a colorful set of visuals which is from his 2014 project Face is Fact, which you can check out below. - 2DOPEBOYZ

Shad Robinson‘s #FaceIsFact is an album/film. Each song will be an episode of the story. It will be released on January 20th 2014. You can read up on his past Unknown Known feature here. - Jenesis Magazine

Before I get into my quick write up on this album, let me preface my comments by saying that this project dropped exactly a month ago. In the world of music blogs, it’s typically blasphemy to even think of posting a song or album that’s more than a week old. I often abide by this unwritten rule, but this album is well deserving to be an exception.

Free Download: Shad Robinson – Face Is Fact (Album)

Shad Robinson is an up & comer from Sylmar, CA who has already had the honor of gracing the stage alongside names like Kendrick Lamar, Talib Kweli, Jay Rock, and more. On top of having an immense amount of talent when it comes to his writing and his flow, he’s one of the most humble and down to earth artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

His second album ‘Face Is Fact’ is much darker and more introspective piece than his introductory album ‘1989’. This dark vibe is resonant throughout the entire album and really shows Shad’s versatility when compared to his previous work. The lyrics are top notch, thought provoking, and deep. He has both a rapid-fire delivery and a slowed, calm flow both in his arsenal that he displays nicely. This project is meant to be listened all together, it’s not the top 40 artist album that you check out on iTunes for the 2 hit singles that are being overplayed on radio. This is hip-hop in it’s rawest and purest form, and it deserves exposure. In an era where up & coming artists only strive to make club bangers and something that’ll be hot for a few months before fizzling out, Shad Robinson releases an album reminiscent of what Hip-Hop was all about in the Golden Era in years prior. If you’re looking for an album that really tells a story, has actual meaning, and is just an overall dope project, then look no further. - Fist In The Air

West Up. We have a new music video and information for you all today from a Los Angeles rapper named Shad Robinson. He just released a music video to his song “Cardboard” from his album “1989,” which you can listen to and download below.

Shad Robinson – “1989? [Free Download]

It has 10 tracks and includes production from Edwin Tovar, JLBS (Jason Pounds) and Shad himself. You can also purchase it via iTunes.

The 818 native (Sylmar, California) teamed up with Fredo Tovar of APlusFilmz for the video, which you can watch below. - WestCoastRydaz

I’ve been neglecting my actual writing lately for a lot of reasons. Real life stuff happening outside the Internet and my work blogging about the latest and greatest in California’s rap scene for (WCR) usually keep me very busy, not to mention all the time I spend hitting different blocks in LA in pursuit of my quest for the best food in the city.

With so much to do, finding the free time to just sit down and write about stuff I love didn’t seem very likely – until today.

Covering music like I do with WCR means I get a ton of e-mail music submissions and it’s not always easy to sift between the different skill levels stuffing my inbox (pause), so I didn’t really know what I would be getting when I saw a new e-mail about an artist named Shad Robinson. I recognized the name of the sender (Fredo Tovar) as a well-known and talented music director outta Cali with his APlusFilmz company so I knew it wouldn’t be something amateur.

After opening the e-mail I saw it included a link to the video for Shad’s single “Cardboard” and links to download his “1989? album for free and purchase it on iTunes, as well as for his website and social networking information. All that sweetened the deal for me, since a lot of e-mails I get are just random unnamed songs with no photos or information attached.

As I prepared to get some work done I opened up his bandcamp page to listen to the album in the background. I’ve done this before with other submissions and it usually just plays the back while I work, but this time was different. Within a few minutes the song “1989” caught my attention, its raw lyrics and passionate emotion speaking directly to me from my speakers.

I had to stop every thing I was doing and hit the rewind button on the song.

As the song started again from the beginning, it was clear this wasn’t just another random artist. The emotions behind his words were especially powerful and stood out to me, which is saying a lot for lyrics as strong as the ones on the track and the topic itself – a woman struggling with abuse, drugs and abandonment during pregnancy. Here’s a preview of the lyrics on the song:

“Syringe needle, arm wrapped with a tourniquet/
Coke in the spoon she got the heat, she about to burn the shit/
In the corner of an empty room, ain’t even furnished yet/
This the type of pain you can’t relieve with no Percocets/
She’s out her mind, happiness she’s tryin to search for it/
All to find it in 30 minutes worth of perfectness . . .
Addicted to the blurriness, not worried about no birth defects/
Middle finger to the womb like ‘fuck you son’
The other to the sky like oh God ‘fuck the sun.’”

The song gives the impression that it’s a tale of the personal experience his mother went through, but even if it’s not it’s a testament to his ability as a songwriter and artist that he was able to share such a powerful message. For someone like me, it was a refreshing reminder of the things that made me fall in love with music in the first place; an artist’s gift to touch the lives of his listeners and those going through similar issues through his own words and a microphone.

The rest of the album solidifies that talent, as he showcases it further on songs like “Dear Sarah” and “Don’t Fade Away.” It has a crisp sound, sticks to a theme and most importantly, it shows that he respects music as an art. The production, music videos and overall product are all on point, earning him a new fan in me and hopefully opening a path for him to continue to make music the way he does. I’ll leave you with this quote of his, off the song “Thank You’s and Fuck You’s” where he asks;

“It’s more than music when I put my soul on it/One question I ask is ‘will they notice this?’”

The answer is yes, people are noticing.

For more on Shad Robinson check out his website or follow him on Twitter @ShadRobinson.

-Will. - The Cherch Life

Artist: Shad Robinson ft. Jensine Alerta
Video: "We Here"
Director: Fredo Tovar (Aplus Filmz)
Producer: Edwin Tovar
Album: 1989
Label: Next Day Entertainment - Blow Hip Hop TV

Artist: Shad Robinson
Song: "Cardboard"
Producer: Edwin Tovar
Mixtape: 1989
Director: APLUS Filmz - OnSmash

Video: Shad Robinson – We Here

Posted by Janice Llamoca on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 · Leave a Comment

The video’s concept is pretty damn creative and the footage was taken during Shad Robinson‘s act before Kendrick Lamar hit the stage at El Rey back in April. Crowd must have been live that night. Get acquainted with Shad Robinson and download his latest mixtape, 1989, on his official website.

Directed by Fredo Tovar. - Los Angeles Leakers

Album Link:
1989 Album Link


Twitter: @ShadRobinson

APLUSFILMZ Youtube channel

Brought to you by Fredo Tovar of APLUSFILMZ LLC , Owner/Director/Brand Manager

Twitter // @APLUSFILMZ @FREDOTOVAR - Talib Kweli


Face is Fact




Shad Robinson, born on August 12th 1989, first started writing songs when he was 10, after hearing Kool Moe Dee's "I Go To Work", Eminem's "Slim Shady LP", and Bone Thugs "Crossroads". Growing up, he would write down the lyrics of his favorite artists until he eventually began to write his own. 

Since the release of the album, Face is Fact Shad has performed at the El Rey theatre, and to a sell out crowd at the Henry Fonda Music Box, opening for Kendrick Lamar and School Boy Q. Also opening on Ab Soul's "These Days" Tour

On his album Face is Fact, Shad covers a wide range of content on the album, including personal issues from his own family in his album Shad creates music channeling his life experiences and the pain in his history through aggressive and emotional music. His live shows reflect this powerful energy and portend his rise as an artist, that will come with his continuous hard work and dedication.

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